8th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: Ibiza Haul (Part 1)

I know I said only the other day I was on a shoe buying ban because I have far too many as it is, so it's with my tail between my legs I have to admit to having a shoe buying frenzy in Ibiza and came home with an additional 5 pairs! This was my first trip to Ibiza and I loved it including all the shopping! Read more

5th May 2015

That New Dress Travels: Sephora Haul

I'm a girl, I'm in America and I have a penchant for makeup... hmmm I wonder where I'll be headed first?!  Sephora of course, where I was a little bit spend happy! If you love a Sephora haul keep reading because I promise this is a good'un. Read more

9th April 2015

Goodies from the Charlotte Simone Sample Sale

When I heard about the Charlotte Simone sample sale I knew it wasn't one to be missed!  I hurried over to Baker Street mid morning on Wednesday 1st April, where the head offices are with a spring in my step.  I got there at around 11:30am and queued (a necessary evil when it comes to samples sales) for around 20 minutes and this is what I scored... Read more

2nd March 2015

Bicester Village Haul

Bicester Village is one of my favourite places to get spendy. After a recent visit. I thought it was only fair to share my most recent haul. Read more

15th December 2014

A Present To Me From Me – AKA The Outnet Haul (Part 2)

Yesterday you got the first instalment of my The Outnet Haul.  While yesterday was all about silk tops and Iris and Ink, today is all about Current Elliott and patterned jeans. Read more

14th December 2014

A Present to Me From Me: AKA The Outnet Haul (Part 1)

I have been very good this Christmas and got the majority of my gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree already.  So while Christmas is the season of giving, I just couldn’t resist getting on my own sneaky present "to me from me"!  Personally I blame The Outnet for having one of their amazing Clearance sales during the Christmas present buying season. Read more

29th August 2014

My Topshop Sale Bargains

Recently I've been complaining to my friends no end about how I can never find anything I want in Topshop anymore. However, this was about to change due to the brilliant final reductions in their sale.... and you know me and a sale!! Read more

21st July 2014

Sales, sales, sales… Part 3

Now that the sales are slowly coming to an end (the biggies, Harrods and Selfridges ended yesterday).  I think it is only fitting to bring you my FINAL instalment of sales, sales, sales. Read more

16th July 2014

Sales, sales, sales… Part 2

I think it is fair to say this sales season has been good to me.  I have scored so many new buys, so it is about time I bring you my second instalment of "sales, sales, sales". Read more

30th June 2014

Sales, sales, sales… Part 1

If I haven't made it clear already, I have two loves in life - shopping and getting a bargain! So you can only imagine what sales season is like for me! I go weak at the knees and my credit cards get a total hammering! As the sales have just started I thought I'd share what I've scored so far. Read more

Designer Treasure from Designer Exchange

I promised a post on the gem that is DESIGNER EXCHANGE in Knightsbridge and here it finally is.... Better late than never!! Designer Exchange (DEX) is a dress agency with a difference and this is why... Read more

29th June 2014

Helping the economy grow with a little help from Bicester Village

The only one thing more heavenly than purchasing an item I love, is purchasing an item I love in the sale.  I'm more than happy to go to sample sales and rummage for that holy grail of designer bargains (and trust me I have found a few).  It is therefore no surprise that Bicester Village is my Mecca. Read more