11th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Stocking Fillers

We are finally at the end of my Christmas Gift Guides.  I hope you have found them (at least a little bit) inspiring.  I have really enjoyed collating them and hunting out slightly more unique ideas than the standard ones often churned out repeatedly. Read more

9th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Children & Teens

Last Saturday was Small Business Saturday which I hadn't heard of until this Christmas.  It's aim is to promote, inspire and support small and independent businesses on the first Saturday of each December. When I was collating these gift guides focusing on small companies was my key aim.  I really hope this is evident and that it inspires you to shop with some of these smaller but absolutely amazing companies! Read more

6th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Parents

We are now half way through my Christmas Gift Guides for 2015, which can only mean one thing, Christmas is fast approaching!  Hopefully below will provide ample inspiration if you still haven't got anything for your all important mum and dad. Read more

5th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Girlfriends & Boyfriends

The second instalment in my Christmas Gift Guide are ideas for your beloved boyfriends & girlfriends / husbands & wives.  As I mentioned previously, I've searched high and low for more unique gift ideas to feature which will hopefully be a little more meaningful and thoughtful than the usual presents you find on the high street. Read more

2nd December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Friends

This is the first instalment of my five part Christmas Gift Guide.  Over the next week I will be covering gift ideas for friends, parents, boyfriends & girlfriends, children & teens and stocking fillers.  My aim was to create a list of suggestions which strayed from the High Street and are (hopefully) more unique or thoughtful than the usual stuff you see in the shops. Read more

4th November 2015

Brands to Buy in the US: Beauty

I already posted the first part of my brands to buy in the US which predominantly focused on fashion (with Apple thrown in there too) but I figured as I spent as much on beauty products as I did anything else, I'd dedicate a whole post on which beauty brands to splash out on when you are Stateside. There are quite a few. Read more

2nd November 2015

Brands to Buy in the US: Fashion

I think it is fair to say I have spent a substantial time in the US recently and while there I got to know the shops pretty well!  Although I shopped hard I also shopped smart.  This meant buying brands which cost far less than at home. So, I thought it only fair to share some of the best places and brands to buy in the US. Read more

11th October 2015

Tale of Another Bicester Village Haul

I've talked on numerous occasions about my love for Bicester Village and how I've found some of my favourite pieces of all time there.  However, I'm finally learning it's not a place I can exercise any form of will power.  In fact, it's crack for shopaholics and I always come back broke. Read more

9th October 2015

Feeling Spendy in Sephora

I don't know what it is about makeup shopping but it just makes me go weak at the knees and I forget all about the need to be frugal!  It only took a single visit to Sephora to purchase enough products to last me several years but a girl can never have enough, right?! Read more

10th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: Ibiza Haul (Part 2)

So my Ibiza shopping continued till I physically couldn't fit anymore in my suitcase!  In Part 1 you saw the shoes and now it's time for clothing and accessories. Read more

8th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: Ibiza Haul (Part 1)

I know I said only the other day I was on a shoe buying ban because I have far too many as it is, so it's with my tail between my legs I have to admit to having a shoe buying frenzy in Ibiza and came home with an additional 5 pairs! This was my first trip to Ibiza and I loved it including all the shopping! Read more

5th May 2015

That New Dress Travels: Sephora Haul

I'm a girl, I'm in America and I have a penchant for makeup... hmmm I wonder where I'll be headed first?!  Sephora of course, where I was a little bit spend happy! If you love a Sephora haul keep reading because I promise this is a good'un. Read more

9th April 2015

Goodies from the Charlotte Simone Sample Sale

When I heard about the Charlotte Simone sample sale I knew it wasn't one to be missed!  I hurried over to Baker Street mid morning on Wednesday 1st April, where the head offices are with a spring in my step.  I got there at around 11:30am and queued (a necessary evil when it comes to samples sales) for around 20 minutes and this is what I scored... Read more