I have scored so many new buys, so it is about time I bring you my second instalment of "sales, sales, sales".

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I think it is fair to say this sales season has been good to me.  I have scored so many new buys, so it is about time I bring you my second instalment of “sales, sales, sales”.  Here we go:

In part 1 I mentioned my recent love affair with Maje and now the full sale is on, not just the preview sale, I had to go back and have another look.  I already had my eye on the Edwige dress from my previous visit in the cobalt blue AND the black, with them being 40% and 50% off respectively, I felt I had to snap them up!  They’re super versatile – great for dinners out, the office or even just hitting the shops.  Also, the heavy material keeps everything sucked in so they’re pretty flattering.  Last time I checked they still had stock in most sizes at their Westfield store and Harrods concession.

I’ve been a big fan of Charlotte Simone for a while now but had never purchased from them.  I was recently gutted when I missed on online 40% sale.  But fear not! They offered a flash sale in celebration of Glastonbury and as soon as I heard, I was online ordering!  I got two of their fur lined hoods, one in black and another in grey.  When they arrived through the post I couldn’t wait to see them.  I’m going to be honest and say  was a little bit disappointed with the quality.  I thought the fabric would be weightier and more cashmere based.  Sometimes that is the problem with buying online and having preconceived ideas as to exactly what it will be like.  Anyway, having said all that I still kept them as I really love the overall design and once styled up they’ll be gorgeous autumn winter wardrobe must haves!  Interestingly it hasn’t stopped me wanting to order from them again as I REALLY want one of their popsicles! I’m waiting for them to launch the new season and then I’ll definitely be ordering.  Also, I’ll be using the promotional code they gave me which entitles me to an additional 10% discount! Yup discount – my favourite world!  It is applicable to all (but each customer is only able to use it once a year), so I am sharing it it with you all! Hurrah! Remember to type “furryfriends” into the promotional code box at checkout.

Charlotte Simone has recently risen from strength to strength and I have a lot of respect for the founder Charlotte Beecham who has grown the company single handily.  She has been profiled by Vogue and has a cult following including Olivia Palmero, Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner, Alexa Cheng and Millie Mackintosh.  I’m all for supporting young, British brands (although she is probably better described as a fashion superstar these days!), so get ordering people!

The other brand I like which is similar is South West Ten but as they are more expensive than Charlotte Simone (and don’t do a sale) I am yet to purchase from them.  Maybe when winter comes around I’ll have another look into purchasing one of their scarves or shawls and do a comparison post.

Anyway, two dresses and two fur scarves to add to me burgeoning wardrobe.  That’s it for now but I can assure you there is a part 3 coming soon! Eekkk… I really hope my bank manager never stumbles across this blog!!

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For the few that are interested in where some of the accessories are from I’ve added in some details and links:


Gold Bangle from Van Peterson Designs

Handbag from Shourouk – Get a similar one HERE (It’s in the SALE!!)

Shoes from Ferragamo


Sunglasses from Miu Miu

Handbag is Vintage Chanel from Designer Exchange 

Jewellery is Vintage Chanel – Get similar from HERE

Shoes from Guiseppe Zanotti – Get similar from HERE

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