Simba The Chihuahua ❤︎

Meet Simba, my partner in crime and best buddy.

Simba is my adorable long haired Chihuahua and came into my life when I was 24 years old. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. You’ll often see him pop up in posts as he comes everywhere with me and is a natural in front of the camera!

I often get asked what it is like having a dog in London and how much work it is, so this is where I share everything you need to know about owning a dog.

Enjoy the cuteness overload…

25th February 2017

Simba’s 5th Birthday: Wild at Heart Foundation

In celebration of Simba's 5th birthday I thought I'd write about something slightly different today. The Wild at Heart Foundation is a charity who neuters street dogs, as well as find new homes for abandoned dogs. They have bought at a series of amazing sweaters which I had to share! Read more

30th November 2016

12 Days of Giftmas: Four Legged Friends

This Christmas gift guide has everything your best four legged friend, whether it be a cat, a dog or a hamster, could want or need! Read more

7th May 2016

Five Favourite: Doggy Must Haves

April was National Pet Month and my inbox was awash with pet themed press releases.  Yes, you read right, pets don't just get a single day devoted to them, they get a whole month!  If I'm honest Simba doesn't really need an excuse to be spoilt as he's already a very pampered pooch but what's another treat or two?! These are 5 fabulous items you and your doggo will love! Read more

25th May 2015

Another PawsomeBox

I've talked about PawsomeBox previously on the blog but I wanted to bring it back to everyone's attention as there's an awesome deal going on which you'd be barking to miss out on... Read more

11th May 2015

Simba Treats from

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when kindly sent Simba a goody box of food and treats. One of the items was grain free food which I've been researching recently and Simba was keen to try it. Read more

25th February 2015

Simba’s Birthday (PART 2) – Pawsome Box & Giveaway!!

The lovely folk at Pawsome Box were super kind and sent Simba some goodies to celebrate his upcoming birthday - as if he wasn't spoilt enough!  Now Simba has tried and tested many of these subscription boxes but he's happy to report the Pawsome box offering is, well... Awesome! Read more

23rd February 2015

Simba’s Birthday (PART 1) – The Hungry Hounds Bakery

I know this post may seem a little “crazy dog lady” but firstly, I don’t care and secondly, every now and again it is fine to indulge in some craziness! Last weekend marked the start of Simba’s birthday week.  He officially turns 3 on 27th February, making him a mighty 21 in human years.  He celebrated in style with a cake from The Hungry Hounds Bakery which he shared with his doggy friend, Bear. Read more

28th December 2014

Simba’s Christmas Haul

I thought I'd do a doggy twist on the usual "Christmas Present Haul" post.  I couldn't help but really spoil my little Simba this year with three different doggy themed hampers.  Here's a peek into his super exciting Christmas morning... Read more

19th October 2014

Simba in the City

I am very lucky that Simba is able to come to pretty much everywhere with me.  He comes to the office with me, meetings, restaurants, shops, you name it little Simba is by my side.  London is becoming more and more of a dog friendly city.  So I thought I'd give you a little run down to having a dog in London. Read more

28th June 2014

Partner in Crime

Anyone who knows me will know I am rarely seen without my mini partner in crime… SIMBA! In this post you get to meet him and learn more about him! Read more