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6th July 2014

Best place for some girly grooming!

In the words of Coco Chanel, "there is no such thing as an ugly woman in the world, just a lazy one".  Therefore I thought it only fair to share my favourite beauty salon. Read more

30th June 2014

Sales, sales, sales… Part 1

If I haven't made it clear already, I have two loves in life - shopping and getting a bargain! So you can only imagine what sales season is like for me! I go weak at the knees and my credit cards get a total hammering! As the sales have just started I thought I'd share what I've scored so far. Read more

Designer Treasure from Designer Exchange

I promised a post on the gem that is DESIGNER EXCHANGE in Knightsbridge and here it finally is.... Better late than never!! Designer Exchange (DEX) is a dress agency with a difference and this is why... Read more

29th June 2014

Helping the economy grow with a little help from Bicester Village

The only one thing more heavenly than purchasing an item I love, is purchasing an item I love in the sale.  I'm more than happy to go to sample sales and rummage for that holy grail of designer bargains (and trust me I have found a few).  It is therefore no surprise that Bicester Village is my Mecca. Read more

28th June 2014

Partner in Crime

Anyone who knows me will know I am rarely seen without my mini partner in crime… SIMBA! In this post you get to meet him and learn more about him! Read more

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