London is becoming more and more of a dog friendly city.  

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I originally planned on blogging “My Bicester Haul” post today, however due to camera problems I haven’t been able to.  Boo! Anyway, it left me wondering what to write instead.  I knew I didn’t want to write about another beauty product as it feels like this is turning into a beauty blog which it isn’t! Therefore, I thought I’d talk about my very favourite little being… Simba!

I am very lucky that Simba is able to come to pretty much everywhere with me.  He comes to the office with me, meetings, restaurants, shops, you name it little Simba is by my side.  London is becoming more and more of a dog friendly city.  So I thought I’d give you a little run down to having a dog in London.

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As a quick side note I’d like to emphasis I wouldn’t put my weight behind any of these places if I didn’t think they were the very best and gave the best possible care.

Best Grooming Parlour

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I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with Simba and dog groomers.  I hate to name and shame but please don’t take your beloved pups to Pet Pavillion, Simba was an absolute wreck afterwards.  I vowed never to take him to a groomers again after that experience.  However, after reading really amazing review after amazing review about Clarendon Cross Canines I took the chance.  Simba loves it! They have a garden which the dogs can all run around in and out of as they please.  They are never put in cages and the family which run it are genuinely gorgeous people.  When Simba was very little he once had an accident on their doormat in the shop.  They were so gracious and forgiving about it and really made me feel a lot less guilty!  I’m going to be honest and say it is pretty pricey (definitely London prices) but it is absolutely worth spending the extra pennies to ensure the best possible care.   They also offer day care, boarding and dog walking.

Best Vet

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Let me start off by saying this isn’t a high end, fancy Vet practice.  However, The Addison and Holland Park Veterinary Clinic, is the most principled and caring practice.  Andrew Carmichael is the most experienced vet I’ve ever come across.  He is also renowned for his honesty, he won’t make you pay for all kinds of expensive medications and x-rays unless completely necessary.  It is also worth noting the receptionist, Sarah, is the loveliest lady ever!

Best Restaurant and Best Bar

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Jaks on the Kings Road is my very favourite place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails.  The food is delicious and the cocktails are fabulous.  The best thing about it (other than being dog friendly) is it can cater to whatever night you want; chilled with friends, raucous with the girls, dinner with the family or wild with the gang! My number one go to place without a shadow of a doubt!

Best Pub

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I’ve slightly cheated here and picked two.  The first is Mitre on Holland Park Avenue purely for the yummiest pub food! It is classic and done really well – my kind of food.  It also just seems to have a really warm and cosy vibe.  It is also a very popular place on Thursday and Friday night for after work drinkies!

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My second choice is the Hollywood Arms because it isn’t like a typical pub!  It is a bit more upmarket and one of those places people like to be seen.  It has a young and buzzy crowd!

Best Hotel for a City Break

I love Limewood in the New Forest.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow dogs into the main part of the hotel but the rooms in the outbuildings (Pavilions, Coach House & Crescent) are dog friendly.  They also provide everything your pupster needs including beds, food bowls and even doggy meals! It is also a beautiful hotel with wonderful service and great food!  The Four Seasons in Hampshire is supposed to be spectacular as well but I’ve never been so can’t give it my seal of approval.  Although word has it they treat pups just like royalty and if you don’t have your own you can always borrow their resident black Lab!

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….And because I love my little munchkin soooo much here are some of my latest snaps of him!!!

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