The HK Metro in comparison is modern, efficient and cheap (a single fare cost less than £1).

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I am currently in Hong Kong and I cannot express how excited I am to be here!  Although I’m officially here for work I arrived early so I could have the weekend to mooch about.  I was surprised that unlike Beijing I’m able to access all my social media and blog, so this time I’m able to update you on the go!

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Day 1 – Sunday

Jet lag and a long flight caused me to fall into bed at 9pm.  This annoyingly meant I was up at 3:30am, so my first full day ended up feeling rather long!  I slowly got myself ready before sauntering off to Central station to catch the HK Metro.  As a Metro newbie I was pretty nervous but in fact it’s pretty easy to navigate and I’d definitely recommend it to travel around.   It makes the London Underground look antiquated and expensive.  The HK Metro in comparison is modern, efficient and cheap (a single fare cost less than £1).

I went to meet my family, who live here and I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years, for Sunday dim sum.  It really goes without saying but authentic Cantonese Dim Sum really makes the stuff we have at home taste like wallpaper paste!  Everything was too yummy for words.

Afterwards my older cousin took me to Harbor Bay shopping mall for some shopping where I picked up some Christmas presents plus treats for myself (of course)! Christine, my cousin, gave me a full rundown of Korean beauty products and I’ve come home with a mini haul of recommendations.  I was also treated to the new Nikon Coolpix S6900 camera.  I wanted a compact camera I could carry around with me for blogging (and potentially one day maybe some vlogging!) and this one caught my eye because of the super cool swivel screen.

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Day 2 – Monday

Yet again I was awake at 3am!  These early mornings have given me a chance to catch up on my reading and I’m thoroughly enjoying the Wolf of Wall Street at the moment.  Even though the film is great, reading the book is even better.  Although it is already Monday and I’m officially back to work I didn’t have any meetings till the afternoon.  Therefore I had a quick saunter to the Botanical Gardens to see the monkeys! The walk there was pretty intense and I think I climbed the steepest hill ever; it was pretty much vertical!  One thing I’d say about Hong Kong is it is incredibly hilly, especially around Central.  I brought two pairs of heels on this trip and I don’t think either are going to see it out the hotel room.

The gardens felt like an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this very active city! I imagine it is a lovely place to come if you live here to recoup your thoughts and bring a little bit of calmness to your life.  I love the juxtaposition of built up skyscrapers and the lusciousness of the intense green  foliage.  The monkeys are adorable, although I did feel rather sorry for them as they were clearly very hot and uncomfortable.  Having said that, a number of them were jumping around and performing for the many, many primary school trips.  Think lots of of cute mini people wearing monster backpacks, presumably full of books and some packed lunch!

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Then it was work time.  After my meetings I rushed off to dinner with a super old friend.  We hadn’t seen each other since we left school and it was so lovely to catch up and reminisce over delicious Cantonese food at Yun Kee on Wellington Street.  Famed for its century egg and char siu, it was clearly very popular with the locals which is a sure sign they do delicious food and that it was!

Day 3 – Tuesday

Tuesday was a workday, so I was predominantly running around Hong Kong for meetings.  Think lots of frantically getting lost and plenty of stress.  Although I can safely say I know Central like the back of my hand now!

That’s the first three days done now just to get through the rest of the week! All I can say is Hong Kong so far you are AMAZING!

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