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13th January 2020


Thanks to science, the media and activists around the world, we’ve become far more considerate about the way we consume. Over the years I’ve been taking little steps to be kinder to our planet but I’m finally at a stage where I want to do more. This year I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to help me become more considered in my purchases and whims. Read more

24th December 2018


Ever since I started That New Dress, I've done an annual round up of my favourites for the year. This is everything I've been absolutely LOVING in 2018. Read more

4th November 2018


After months and months of talking about it, I'm delighted to say, the That New Dress YouTube channel is live! Catch my first video and enter my fab giveaway in this post! Read more

3rd October 2018


Back in February I did a post titled Life Update (catch it HERE).  In a nutshell, I was talking about changes that were happening in my personal life and the effects it was having on That New Dress.  I talked about how I’d started my own business and how all consuming it was.  I’m so […] Read more

19th April 2018


I recently attended an event hosted by Currys PC World and One Roof Social were I got to gain some insight into the blogging industry. These are some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way. Read more

10th February 2018


Recently, I've been a very bad blogger!  You may (or may not) have noticed my posts have been getting rather sporadic of late.  I use be militant about posting on time and I took immense pride in ensuring content was being churned out on a regular basis, so I thought I should address this recent change. Read more

7th January 2018


I don't know about you but I'm really feeling those post-Christmas blues.  I adore Christmas and the run up to it, so when it's all over, I try to keep my spirits lifted as much as possible. My recent Bloomon subscription is doing a good job of making me smile! Read more

25th December 2017


It's hard to believe we're already at that point in the year where I round up my 2017 favourites. At the end of each year since this blog has been going I always collate the best in beauty, fashion, film and music. Read more

4th July 2017

How I Afford Luxury

As you've probably realised already I have a bit of a weakness for shopping, particularly luxury shopping!  I would rather have one beautifully designed, perfectly crafted and eyewateringly expensive handbag than a hundred high street ones. I thought I'd discuss how I fund my luxury habit and how you can nip and tuck your finances to afford it. Read more

29th June 2017

Fitness Journey #1: Intro

I never thought I'd do a blog series focused on fitness but this blogpost is kick starting exactly that.  I am delving back into the world of working out, eating healthy and getting on my fitness a-game after quite a few years of being a lazy lump! Who's ready to get on this fitness journey with me?! Read more

7th June 2017

Just A Few Blogging Tips

Blogging over the last 3 years has been a rollercoaster of an experience. I've learned lots about the industry and thought it was time I'd share a few of the hard truths you need to know about keeping a blog running. Read more

7th April 2017

10 Alternative Easter Gifts to Chocolate

For those that don't want chocolate for Easter this year, I've put together 10 of my favourite non-chocolate alternatives. Read more

6th March 2017

An Amazing Afternoon with Red Letter Days & Cake Boy

Red Letter Days kindly invited me to experience a wonderful afternoon cupcake decoration and the most amazing afternoon tea. If you're looking for an usual and fun day out in London I highly recommend the Cake Boy experience with Red Letter Days. Read more