30th October 2019


If you're ever thinking of visiting Bali then this is a post worth reading. I'm sharing my experiences and the differences between staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Read more

26th March 2018


After years of traveling for leisure and work, I've finally got the whole skincare while flying down to a T! These are all my skincare essentials... Read more

19th March 2018


In the second instalment of my New York haul, I'm sharing my more spendy purchases from Zimmermann, Derek Lam and Pokemaoke. Read more

16th March 2018


I recently came back from a trip to New York and was rather spendy! I shopped so much I'm dividing this haul across 2 posts. First up, is all my high street purchases... Read more

14th January 2017

Soho Farmhouse: Is it worth the hype?

Soho Farmhouse is without a shadow of a doubt the "place to be" at the moment.  If you check out the geotag on Instagram you'll see it's permanently booked out with celebrities, mega bloggers and very glamorous ladies who lunch.  When my gorgeous friends suggested an overnight stay as an (early) birthday celebration I could barely contain my excitement. Read more

17th October 2016

An Evening on the [Mykonos] Town

We've reached the third and final post about my recent Mykonos getaway. I thought I'd share a bit about Mykonos town itself which is the hub of the island. Read more

14th October 2016

Mykonos Style, Sorted!

When you're on holiday it's absolutely essential to feel comfortable, especially if you're like me and want to sample as much of the local cuisine as possible.  I have to make sure whatever I'm wearing has room for a full on food baby! This look was my favourite and allowed for plenty of eating! Read more

11th October 2016

San Giorgio, Mykonos

I'm currently on my first holiday of the year. Yes, I do realise it's October and I've left it a bit late! I'm so excited to be in Mykonos for a few days to catch some sun and had to share a full review of the hotel I'm currently staying in called San Giorgio. Read more

8th October 2016

My EasyJet Travel Look

I'm so excited because today I'm headed off to Mykonos for four glorious days! It's my first holiday this year with no work involved, so I'm really looking forward to relaxing and catching up on some sleep.  Sadly, like all good things, you have to get through a little bit of hassle to get to the good part.  This trip involves a 4:30am wake-up call and an easyJet flight. We all know flying easyjet is a pain so I thought I'd share what I wear and how I prepare for it. Read more

4th November 2015

Brands to Buy in the US: Beauty

I already posted the first part of my brands to buy in the US which predominantly focused on fashion (with Apple thrown in there too) but I figured as I spent as much on beauty products as I did anything else, I'd dedicate a whole post on which beauty brands to splash out on when you are Stateside. There are quite a few. Read more

2nd November 2015

Brands to Buy in the US: Fashion

I think it is fair to say I have spent a substantial time in the US recently and while there I got to know the shops pretty well!  Although I shopped hard I also shopped smart.  This meant buying brands which cost far less than at home. So, I thought it only fair to share some of the best places and brands to buy in the US. Read more

1st November 2015

That New Dress Travels: Halloween (American Style)

Its been ages since I've done a proper lifestyle blog post, so I thought it was about time to update you on my current shenanigans and when better then Halloween in LA?! Being my first American Halloween I wanted to soak up every ghoulish, outlandish and ridiculous ounce of the spooky spirit engulfing the city. Read more

19th October 2015

That New Dress Travels: Timeless Boutique Melrose Avenue

Melrose is quite possibly my favourite shopping street in LA.  If you haven't strutted down the famous Melrose Avenue then the first thing you should know is it can be distinctly divided into two parts. Once you head past Fairfax, Melrose changes.  It becomes hipper and younger and full of independent boutiques of which my favourite is called Timeless. Read more