It seems odd doing my annual round-up of favourites, but despite going nowhere and seeing no one, I still managed to discover some fantastic brands and products, as well as cement my love for some old ones.

What a year 2020 has been. Between Covid, Black Lives Matter and the build-up to the US election, it was hard not to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. It was a year which made me more aware than ever how fragile the world we live in is. As a result, I enjoyed and appreciated things I’d previously taken for granted, such as my health and the health of family/friends. Even the roof over my head provided a continuous ray of light in darker times. Last year I hardly traveled (I was lucky to get a couple of trips in before February), I barely socialised and all the big events I had lined up for 2020 (weddings, galas and birthdays) were cancelled. For this reason, it seemed odd doing my annual round-up of favourites, but despite going nowhere and seeing no one, I still managed to discover some fantastic brands and products, as well as cement my love for some old ones. So, here it is, my 2020 favourites….

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I wore hardly any makeup last year and didn’t buy any new products. However, it did give me the chance to fall back in love with some older products stashed away in my beauty drawer. On the (very) few occasions I went out, the one lipstick I continually reached for was my Christian Louboutin Silky Satin in shade Rouge Louboutin. It’s a gorgeous tone and of course, iconic, as it’s influenced by the red bottoms of Louboutin shoes. I think a lot of people expect it to be a bright pillar box red but it’s much more raspberry toned which is incredibly flattering. It also makes your teeth look extra white which is an added bonus.

I also have the Louboutin Louibelle Lip Beauty Oil which is a really subtle red and adds a nice shine to the lips. I usually wear it alone but it’s also ideal for layering over lipstick.

These are super pricey but if you’re a beauty lover, I don’t think your collection is complete without one. Even the packaging is mind-blowingly beautiful. I would highly recommend the classic Rouge Louboutin colour but there are a host of different shades to suit all skin tones and preferences.

Shop Christian Louboutin Beauty HERE


This was a very easy choice this year. There are 2 products which I’ve absolutely adored, both from Jurlique. The first was Jurlique’s Nutri-Define Supreme Eye Contour Balm. The cream itself is lovely. It’s not too thick, sinks into the eyes effortlessly and lasts forever. However, the part I rate the most is the application tool. The handy metal ball spatula is super cooling and depuffing on the eyes. It also picks up the perfect amount of product so you don’t waste any cream which is probably why a single pot lasts so long.

The second product I tried and adored from Jurlique is the Nutri-Define Supreme Rejuvenating Serum. This is the best serum I’ve ever, ever used. Whenever my skin was feeling dry or a bit rough, this would pep it up almost instantly. I cannot rave about it enough. Very pricey but worth every penny.

Find out more about the Eye Contour Balm HERE & Rejuvenating Serum HERE.


I’m not sure I’ve ever included a bodycare brand in my yearly favourites before but I had to mention Herbivore. I’ve been loving their body polishes A LOT. So far, I’ve tried the Coco Rose and Amythest and both are amazing. They have the right amount of medium-grain exfoliating granules but what makes them extra special is the amount of moisturising oils they have including Virgin Coconut Oil, Jasmine Samboc Oil and Shea Butter. Plus, they have a gorgeous but not overpowering fragrance. Definitely on the pricey side but worth it for wonderfully soft skin.

I also have to mention their Jasmine Body Oil which I liked too. On my wish list to try is the Coconut Body Oil, Citrine Glowing Hydration Body Oil and Coconut Milk Body Polish. I’ve tried a couple of their face products recently which are good but in my opinion not on the same level as the body ones.

Find out more about the Coco Rose Body Polish HERE and Amythest Exfoliating Body Scrub HERE.


Last year Loveshackfacy was my firm favourite fashion brand and I carried on being obsessed with it throughout 2020. My Loveshackfancy dresses were hands down the most worn in my wardrobe. They’re always comfortable and just worked for every occasion and season, but as I didn’t want to pick the same brand two years in a row, this year I’ve specifically picked the amazing collaboration they did with Target. Although it was a budget line, it didn’t disappoint.

Despite not shipping the collection internationally I didn’t let that stop me getting my hands on a couple of pieces. The 25 piece collection ranged from $40-$60. I got two pieces including the Jeanne Tie Strap dress which was my favourite. I deliberately picked 2 pieces which were 100% cotton rather than any of the polyester options and the quality was really impressive. I honestly thought the design, quality and fit very nearly rivalled Loveshackfancy’s mainline but for a slither of the price. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed they do another collaboration with Target or at least a similar retailer in 2021.


I know I’m growing up as for the last couple of Christmases and Birthdays I’ve asked for fine jewellery over designer bags or shoes. Unlike this season’s “fashion must-have”, fine jewellery transcends time. It also holds immense sentimental value. Whether it be the person who gave it to you or the moment you received it, it’s a signifier of a really special moment in time which stays with you forever.

London Road Jewellery is a 3 generation family-run brand who hand-make everything in their South London workshop. They focus on creating timeless designs which aren’t extortionately priced. I’ve been lucky to work with them in the past, so I’ve been able to borrow and wear a lot of their jewellery. Styling them is such a joy as they’re effortless to wear. On my wish list is the Raindrop Bezel Set Diamond Necklace (check it out HERE) which I can imagine wearing for years to come.


I’ve been buying Manolo Blahnik for quite a few years now and they never disappoint. The Hangisi is their most iconic shoe. I adore the wide range of jewel toned colours they come in which add a perfect “pop” to any outfit. They’re super easy to dress up or down.

I bought my first pair of flat Hangisis in 2020 at the Harrods Outlet with 30% off. Being white they’re also my first pair of non-colourful Hangisis as I’ve always opted for brighter colours. However, it’s nice to have something a bit different in my collection. I originally planned on saving them for my summer holiday to Cannes which was cancelled (for obvious reasons), so I’m still waiting for the perfect summery occasion to wear them.

Even if you’re not a Hangisi fan, I have a couple of other Manolo Blank styles and I can attest the quality and comfort. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to Manolos, honestly, just go for it!


Every year this is my favourite category to the pick for. If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know I’m a saleaholic and full on bargain hunter. I’ve been following eBloggers for a while (eBloggers is a preowned fashion website and app where influencers/bloggers sell their unwanted clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty) but it wasn’t till the end of 2020 I finally made my first purchase. I got my dream Zimmermann dress for a fraction of the retail price. I had my eye on the Espionage dress since I originally saw it on the runway but the price tag was eye-watering! When I spotted it on eBloggers I was shocked. They had it listed for £560 which was already a fraction of the £1600 retail price. However, as their return policy is quite limited I wanted to be 100% certain before I took the plunge.

eBloggers regularly do special discount codes and flash sales so it’s worth following them on Instagram or signing up to their mailing list to stay in the loop. In the end, I managed to snap up the dress in one of their extra 50% off promos so it went down to £280 and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint.

After the success of my Zimmermann dress, I was regularly scrolling through their website and mentally creating a wish list while simultaneously keeping an eye out for more big discounts. Over Black Friday they had an extra 40% off site wide, so I snapped up a pair of the Hermes Legend Sandals for £179.40. These retail for £680 and as Hermes never goes on sale, it was too good an opportunity to miss. They had been worn but the overall condition was still decent. Nearer to Summer I plan on having them resoled, so hopefully they’ll be liked new again.

I highly recommend eBloggers for picking up luxury fashion pieces and high end beauty finds for a lot less than retail.


Without a doubt, my vintage Chanel sunglasses was my most exciting purchase in 2020. These particular glasses are from the early 1990s and had been on my radar for a while. I had a few pairs saved on my Vestiaire wishlist but the prices were always exorbitant. When I spotted these on Instagram from a preloved fashion store, I slid right into their DMs. I think the photo had only been posted for about 2 minutes but I was adamant I wasn’t going to miss out! The condition is fair, there are scratches on the lens and tarnishing on the gold hardware, which made them much more reasonably priced than those I’d previously seen for sale. However, when it comes to shopping preloved, wear and tear is rarely a deal breaker for me, if the price is right. It’s easy to patch things up at home or there is always the option of restoring items professionally (I’ll be writing a blogpost dedicated to salvaging worn out luxury items soon).

I wore these sunglasses throughout the summer and they didn’t disappoint. They also turned quite a few heads!


Last year my boyfriend was mostly wearing Dior’s Sauvage cologne and I loved it. Whenever he wore it, it majorly made me swoon! If you’re looking for a new fragrance for your man, or even yourself if you like stronger scents, I highly, highly recommend this one.


One of the advantages of spending a lot of time at home was my boyfriend and I were able to finish our renovation project. We officially moved out of a studio flat in London and into our little home in the Sussex countryside in May. The first night in our new house felt like the start of an exciting chapter. It was under furnished and a little cold, but it was completely outweighed by the excitement I felt.

You can catch a blogpost I wrote about the early stages of renovating a house HERE. I will also be writing more about it in the coming months, so keep an eye out for that if you’re into home renovations and interior design.


My favourite film and favourite TV show in 2020 are both available on Netflix. Like so many people last year, I watched a lot of TV but if you fancy something funny and lighthearted, I highly recommend, Eurovision Song Content: The Story of Fire Saga. If you prefer something a little more action-packed then Money Heist is for you. Money Heist is a Spanish TV show Netflix picked up which has since turned into a super-hit. You can either watch it dubbed or subtitled. I watched it dubbed but my sister watched it both ways and said she preferred it subtitled, so depends on your preference. There are 2 seasons across 4 parts (with another season expected soon) so there’s plenty of episodes to keep you going.

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