5th October 2015

Saks off 5th: The Place to Pick up a Designer Bargain

Saks off 5th is one of my favourite shopping haunts in LA for picking up a designer bargain.  They recently opened their doors at the Beverly Connection on Las Cienega (opposite the Beverly Centre).  It is definitely the best of the discount department store outlets I've visited.  It is wonderfully laid out, easy to navigate and far tidier than a lot of their competitor's outlets.  Also, the designer brand selection is second to none. Read more

24th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: First LA Life Update

I've spent two incredible weeks in LA and it has been everything I dreamed of and more.  It definitely leaves London in the cold, dark (and wet) shadows. This is everything I've been up to so far. Read more

10th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: Ibiza Haul (Part 2)

So my Ibiza shopping continued till I physically couldn't fit anymore in my suitcase!  In Part 1 you saw the shoes and now it's time for clothing and accessories. Read more

8th June 2015

That New Dress Travels: Ibiza Haul (Part 1)

I know I said only the other day I was on a shoe buying ban because I have far too many as it is, so it's with my tail between my legs I have to admit to having a shoe buying frenzy in Ibiza and came home with an additional 5 pairs! This was my first trip to Ibiza and I loved it including all the shopping! Read more

6th May 2015

Thoughts of the Month: Sleepless in San Francisco

I just came back from a week long trip in California where I spent 3 days in LA and 3 in San Francisco.  While LA stole my heart I was left shocked and dismayed by San Fran. I thought I'd share why I found it such a difficult city to be in. Read more

5th May 2015

That New Dress Travels: Sephora Haul

I'm a girl, I'm in America and I have a penchant for makeup... hmmm I wonder where I'll be headed first?!  Sephora of course, where I was a little bit spend happy! If you love a Sephora haul keep reading because I promise this is a good'un. Read more

20th March 2015

That New Dress Travels: Poolside with For Love and Lemons

I couldn't resist this little pink number from For Love and Lemons. It was recently mentioned in my February Wish List where I said it was a holiday must have.  It didn't take an awful lot of convincing to make the purchase, as I knew I had to have it for Dubai and I am so happy it came with me in my suitcase! Read more

19th March 2015

That New Dress Travels: Heaven at The Oberoi Dubai

My final night in Dubai was spent at the gorgeous The Oberoi Dubai Hotel.  The Oberoi group is globally recognised for it's luxurious and relaxing hotels and this one certainly didn't disappoint! Read more

18th March 2015

That New Dress Travels: Dubai Suprises

I've been lucky enough to have visited Dubai several times and although I have A LOT of love for it, I wouldn't label it the most beautiful place I've been in the world.  The truth is you know you're in Dubai when you can hear and see a hella lot of construction!  So imagine my surprise when I stayed in the Marina district for a couple of days and was truly blown away by the spectacular views and humming atmosphere.   Read more

13th March 2015

Suitcase Snoop

After counting down the seconds till my upcoming holiday in Dubai, it has finally arrived! I know I'm supersonically excited because I began packing 3 days early, which is unheard of for me (I'm usually a last minute gal)! Here is a peek into what I'm taking in my suitcase. Read more

11th March 2015

Flight Survival

Flying is not something I love, in fact I think loathe is a better word to describe it.  However, it is part of the parcel if you want to travel and see the world, so over the years I've learned some basic tips to keep the airport stress to a minimum and the boredom of flying at bay. Read more

10th March 2015

What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag

I may have mentioned once or twice already I'm going to Dubai on Friday, well expect to hear about it a whole heap more as the holiday countdown officially starts from today.  For the rest of the week I'll be blogging all about those travel essentials, top flying tips and dressing for long haul flights.  Hopefully, all this travel talk will push you to book your own little getaway because if there is one thing I know, it's we all need a sunshine break every now and again! In the first post of the series I'm sharing "What's in my Travel Makeup Bag" Read more

4th February 2015

That New Dress Travels… Llama

I had to write a post about the amazing restaurant we headed to last Saturday evening while in Copenhagen, called Llama. It was a full on triple threat - potent cocktails, yummy food and a vibrant atmosphere. Read more