63% say a dog makes them physically fitter and 40% say owning a dog makes them feel less stressed*

Doggy Must Haves

April was National Pet Month and my inbox was awash with pet themed press releases.  Yes, you read right, pets don’t just get a single day devoted to them, they get a whole month!  If I’m honest Simba doesn’t really need an excuse to be spoilt as he’s already a very pampered pooch but after reading some of the recent facts and figures about owning a pet I appreciate him all the more.  In the spirit of National Pet month I thought I’d share a few of the best with you:

  • Dog owners are 8% happier than non-dog owners*
  • 63% say a dog makes them physically fitter and 40% say owning a dog makes them feel less stressed*
  • Half of the dog-owners said their dog understands them more than anyone else*
  •  83% of parents believe that having a pet is beneficial for their child’s development**
  • The majority of parents think having a pet has a positive impact on young children while almost a third believe it teaches them responsibility**
  • 1 in 10 parents say having a pet improves their children’s social skills**

As a dog owner some of these facts really warmed my heart.  If this has left you tickled too then show your four legged friend some appreciation by treating them to my five favourite doggy must haves:

Doggy Must Haves

Puppia Harness and Lead

Personally I’m a big advocate of the harness.  As the owner of a Chihuahua with a very little neck I’ve always been very conscious a collar has the potential to do far more harm than good.  When I came across Puppia it was such a breath of fresh air.  Their harnesses are double stitched for strength and softly padded for comfort.  Also, they come in hundreds of different designs and patterns so your pup can have a different one for every season!

As if that wasn’t enough the leads are the absolute best too.  Not only do they match the harnesses but they’re also 145cm long which I believe is longer than the average lead length and makes all the difference when you have a mini dog as it gives your pup a bit more length to roam about.

Doggy Must HavesDoggy Must Haves

Crazy Critter

This has to be Simba’s favourite toy.  It’s so soft and perfect for chewing, chasing, shaking or even snuggling up to.  It also has two squeakers in it allowing for hours of entertainment.

Doggy Must HavesDoggy Must Haves

Finnley Elliot Dog Pawtraits

Finnley Elliot is an exceptionally talented artist who specialises in painting pets, or as she refers to them, “Pawtraits”.  I recently commissioned a painting of my Simba and couldn’t be happier with the end result.  Plus her paintings don’t break the bank, so if you feel like immortalising your beloved pet with a bespoke pawtrait I couldn’t recommend the wonderful Finnley enough!


The horrible truth about dog foods is the majority are made out of so-called meat derivatives, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives; all of which are low quality grade food and can play havoc with your dog’s digestive system.  Personally I want my dog to have the best grade food he can which won’t break the bank nor take hours for me to prepare and Symply ticks all those boxes.  It contains wholesome ingredients, essential nutrients and my dog loves it.  I think it’s definitely fair to say Simba and I are both big fans!

The Dog Treat Company

I recently discovered these dog treats through Pet Nature’s monthly subscription service (which is well worth giving a try, especially as you can currently get 50% off until 15th May 2016 with code WOOFWOOF).  The Dog Treat Company is a family run business based in Devon who create handmade treats using human grade, ethically sourced ingredients.  It has a great ethos who puts nutritional integrity and healthy living at it’s core and I couldn’t recommend them enough.  I know Simba agrees because he gobbles his treats with glee!

Doggy Must Haves

*Recent research conducted by Tails.com who questioned 1,000 pet owners and non-pet owners in April 2016.
**Conducted by The Baby Show in January 2016 in a survey of 1176 new and expectant parents, undertaken in December 2015 and January 2016.

Photos taken by Jessy Papasavva

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