I dropped by on day 4 of the sale and Pippa, who owns the store, was telling me they had already sold 250 bags!

I use to be a sample sale fanatic but after attending so many I realised how hit and miss they can be.  It’s so disappointing when you queue up for an hour plus, then you finally get inside and there’s nothing you want to buy (yes, major first world problems!).  Plus, the whole shopping experience can be quite hellish!

Over the years, I’ve discovered better ways to shop discounted luxury which are more peaceful and less hit and miss, for example The Outnet (read more about it HERE), preloved (more about that HERE and HERE) and Bicester Village (read HERE and HERE).

Although having said all that, there are 3 amazing sample sales (Versace, Temperely and Anya Hindmarch) this month which have really peaked my interest.  As I’ve been left disappointed in the past I thought I’d do some research to see what their prices and selection were like.

However, I was so surprised by how little information there is out there reviewing and discussing past sales.  Given that most of these brands hold annual or biannual sales I would have thought I’m not the only one who wants to research whether they’re worth attending.

So, I thought it might be helpful to start writing about the sample sales I’ve been to in case anyone is looking for more information on them.  The first I’m going to chat about is the Versace sample sale which still has ONE MORE DAY LEFT (Thursday 26th October) if you want to bag a bargain.

This sale was being held at Pippa Store in Notting Hill which I’ve written a whole post about HERE.  The great thing about Pippa Store is they host sample sales across a 2-4 week period so there is no mad rush to get there.  The first few days are always a bit crazy but once the initial hype has died down you can pretty much shop in peace.

My only word of warning is, if you want to shop the first couple of days to get first dibs, the store is very small and they only allow 4 customers in at a time, so you could be in for a bit of a wait.

The overall stock selection was absolutely huge and they had 3 deliveries throughout the sale.  They had everything from ready-to-wear, to bags, shoes, beachwear, accessories and jewellery for both Versace and Versus.  Prices were as follows (although I’ve been told they are all up for negotiation on the last day!):


Ready-to-wear: £150 – £650

Belts: £100 – £140

Shoes: £100 – £250

Bikinis: £80

Scarves: £70

Jewellery: £50 – £160

Keyrings: £40 – £70


Ready-to-wear: £50 – £70

Belts: £50

Shoes: £90 – £160

Bags: £120 – £150

I went there hoping to score either a bag or some shoes.  I have a pair of orange Versace flats which I’ve had for years and they’re honestly one of the buys I’ve ever made (see them HERE)!

I dropped by on day 4 of the sale and Pippa, who owns the store, was telling me they had already sold 250 bags!  I spotted this little backpack and it won me over immediately.  Lilac is my favourite colour, so it was meant to be!  Backpack-wise they only had this one left and a black sequin one.  They also still had a couple of incredible leather overnight bags which were stunners!  I paid £350 for my backpack and it retailed for around £1400, making it (in my opinion) a great buy.

Unfortunately, I had less luck with the shoes.  They were all quite wacky, think lots of boots in bright colours with super high heels.  I had originally hoped to find some with the Medusa head on which they did have a few pairs of at the beginning but they were all snapped up very quickly.

All in all, this was a great sale.  Although I missed out on a lot of the best pieces, I’m still delighted with my new bag.  Plus, by day 4 the madness had died down and I got to shop in a peaceful environment with no queue.

If you’re a Versace fan and can make it down on Thursday I highly advise you do.  I imagine you can pick up some mega bargains, as they’ll want to shift the last bit of stock.  There are still plenty of statement coats, dresses and boots to be had, as well as a few accessories such as belts and a small selection of bags.

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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