Ever since I started That New Dress, I've done an annual round up of my favourites for the year.

I know I say this every year but where has the year gone? I cannot believe it’s going to be 2019 in a week.

Ever since I started That New Dress, I’ve done an annual round up of my favourites for the year. You can check out my 2014 favourites HERE, 2015 HERE, 2016 HERE and 2017 HERE.

These are all my favourites for 2018:

Favourite Makeup Brand…

If someone had told me in January I would choose Huda Beauty as my makeup brand of the year I would have scoffed! I’ve always leaned towards tinted moisturiser over foundation and preferred a “no makeup, makeup” look over a full face. So, to pick a brand which is predominantly about full coverage makeup, goes completely against the grain.

I bought the Faux Filter foundation (shop HERE) mostly out of curiosity. I expected it to feel like I was wearing warpaint as it’s so full coverage. However, the finish is flawless, long lasting and surprisingly comfortable to wear. Personally, I like to mix it with the Farsali Rose Gold Exlir (shop HERE) to stop it caking.

Also, I massively recommend the Buff & Blend brush (shop HERE). It is the BEST foundation brush I have ever used. If you buy this foundation make sure you buy the brush too.

I have also tried The Overachiever Concealer (shop HERE) and equally love it. It’s really brightening under the eyes and blends effortlessly.

Favourite Skincare…

This year I discovered the most incredible skincare combination. Alpha-H Liquid Gold (shop HERE) and Sunday Riley Luna (shop HERE) in conjunction are a winning pair. I use them as part of my evening routine and the next day my skin is smoother in texture and glowing.

FYI do not use these together if you have sensitive skin but if your skin can handle it then you NEED to give these a try!

Also, as an honourable mention, I’ve been using iS Clinical over the last couple of months, which was a hefty investment. So far, the results have been impressive. I’m planning on giving it another month and then I will be writing a full review on whether it’s worth the price tag.

Favourite Fashion Label…

Originally, I was going to put Dior as my fashion label of the year for obvious reasons (I’ve been completely obsessed with it this year!) but I then realised I don’t actually own any Dior ready-to-wear. As much as I would love to its sadly out of my price range.

Instead, I have chosen two smaller brands which I discovered this year. First, is Hayley Menzies (shop HERE) which I’ve written a full blogpost about HERE. Every time she brings a new collection out, I fall more and more in love with her designs. Her incredible prints, unique colour combinations and standout designs are utterly gorgeous and unlike any anything else out there.

The second brand is Racil (shop HERE, currently on sale), which kick-started my new obsession with suits. When I heard Racil was holding a sample sale up the road from me in Notting Hill my heart skipped a beat, I was so excited! No word of a lie, I tried on just about every suit they had at that sale. In the end, I came home with the most amazing pink and black suit and a cream and black tuxedo jacket.

I’m absolutely delighted with them. The quality is incredible and I know they’ll be timeless pieces I’ll have in my wardrobe for years to come.

Favourite Accessories Brand…

Having not made it as my favourite fashion label, Dior (shop HERE), makes it as my favourite accessories brand.

I went crazy for Dior this year! I purchased a new bag (read about it HERE), a bag strap for my vintage saddle bag (read about that HERE & HERE) and lots of pieces of jewellery
(read about them HERE). Literally everything I’ve bought from Dior over the last year has been a massive success and I’ve worn on constant repeat.

Favourite Shoe Designer…

More than anything else, shoes are my thing, so it’s odd that I don’t have one particular brand which jumps out at me this year. Instead, I’m going to give two honourable mentions.

Firstly, it’s my Gucci kid’s trainers (shop HERE & HERE) which were such a great find (read more about it HERE). It turns out Gucci goes up to a UK5 in their children’s shoes. The only difference is the kid’s versions come with velcro rather than laces, which weirdly I prefer. However, the best about buying children’s is it half the price of the adult versions. Talk about being thrifty!

The second mention goes to my Givenchy Biker boots (shop HERE & HERE). These have proved to be such a versatile boot, they look great with dresses, jeans or leather trousers. Plus, you can style them so many different ways, depending on how you fasten the buckles. I’m planning on writing a review post on these very soon, so watch this space.

Favourite Purchase…

Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s my Dior Diorama in Ultra Black (shop similar HERE) in size small. This bag has barely left my side since I bought it. It’s so incredibly versatile and not only is it the perfect day-to-night bag, it also goes with everything. Since it has black hardware, it matches both gold and silver jewellery.

Although it was horrendously expensive, I can happily say it was worth every penny and I’m well on my way to getting my cost per wear out of it!

Although it was horrendously expensive, I can happily say it was worth every penny and I’m well on my way to getting my cost per wear out of it!

Favourite Scent…

This year I fell back in love with an old favourite of mine, Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee (shop HERE). If you haven’t smelt it you must. It’s impossible to describe but trust me when I say it’s unlike anything I’ve ever smelt, it’s totally unique.

Bargain of the Year…

This year I bought two Christmas presents for myself. One was a Balmain blazer which I’m unboxing in an upcoming YouTube video and the second was the Hermes Collier de Chien cuff in black leather with rose gold hardware.

The cuff was bought preloved from my favourite dress agency, Sign of the Times (find out more about them in this blogpost HERE or watch my YouTube video HERE). I have wanted one of these for years but they are ridiculously expensive, retailing for over £900. Plus, they never go on sale. I managed to get mine brand new, it had worn twice at the most, for half price. I know this will be a piece which will get loads of wear as it’s such a classic.

Favourite Film…

If you haven’t seen McQueen about the life and work of Alexander McQueen you must. For any fashion-aholic it is a must see!

Favourite That New Dress Post…

This year I really struggled to make content I love and I felt I lost my way, especially in the second half of the year. Being totally honest, none of my posts stand out to me as being exceptional. However, I did launch my YouTube channel which is where a lot of my focus has been. If you haven’t caught it yet you can do so HERE.

I’ve been playing around with making lots of different video content over the last couple of months, so would love to hear your feedback on any videos you particularly enjoyed and would like to see more of.

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