We’re still in the first full week of a new year (and a new decade!), so hopefully, it’s not too late to take one final look back at 2019.

We’re still in the first full week of a new year (and a new decade!), so hopefully, it’s not too late to take one final look back at 2019.  Every year for as long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve done a rundown of my yearly favourites across multiple categories.  So, keeping with tradition, here it is for 2019 and boy, did I discover some great things this year.

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Favourite Makeup Brand:

This year it has to be Hourglass.  The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palettes are the bee’s knees! For the last 5 years, Hourglass has released a limited-edition “Ambient Lighting Edit” palette just before Christmas. It features a selection their finishing powders, bronzers and blushers.  I originally had the Surreal Light Palette which I adored but sadly lost on holiday in May.  So, at the end of 2019, I bought the most recent release, called Ghost.

If you like a radiant, dewy finish these palettes are a one-stop-shop for your face.  I usually use Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow Skin Illuminator as my base.  Then I pretty much use every powder in this palette. The finishing powders are amazing, the blushers have the best pigmentation and the highlighter has that perfect glow without making you look like a mirror ball.  

It’s an investment at £75 but honestly worth it.  It not only does everything you need but it’s also shortened the time it takes to put on my makeup to 5-10 minutes at most.  

Find about more about HERE.   

Favourite Skincare:

I was lucky to discover a couple of really fab beauty brands in 2019, one of which was Polaar.  Their IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser is the product I’ve been looking for my whole life (yes, big claim)!

I’ve been on the hunt for a great eye cream for years.  I’ve tried so many and always been left seriously underwhelmed.  This one, however, is amazing and thankfully not ridiculously overpriced.  

The cooling roll-on applicator is exactly what my puffy eyes need first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  It’s instantly soothing. I’ve been using mine since August and it’s still going strong, so you really do get value for money with this one.  Side note, supposedly, an advanced blend of peptides and provitamins reduces the loss of your eyelashes while also thickening them.  Personally, I haven’t seen this but it’d be a nice added bonus if it really did work.

Find out more about it HERE.

Favourite Fashion Label:

2019 was the year I couldn’t stop buying Loveshackfancy.  My Loveshackfancy collection grew exponentially and I still want more! I adore absolutely everything about this brand, from the prints to the feminine flowing shapes to the way it makes me feel.  I don’t think there’s another fashion label who has defined their brand so concisely.  They know exactly what their look and style are about and run with it, just check out their Instagram, @loveshackfancy, to see what I mean.  I love that I can rely on them season after season to bring out the most beautiful feminine pieces which I can re-wear and restyle a hundred different times.

My favourite pieces from them this year has to be my knitwear.  I invested in 3 sweaters and 1 cardigan and I’ve been rotating them every single day.  I honestly don’t wear anything else! 

It is pricey but I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for an item from them.  I always hold out for seasonal sales and mid-season promotions.  

Find out more about the brand HERE.

Accessories Label:

I discovered Ring Concierge on Instagram a few years ago and have been obsessed with them ever since.  This year thanks to their generous Black Friday sale I finally purchased my first piece of jewellery.  I got the Engravable Mini Dog Tag Duo which you can check out HERE.  I thought it’d be the perfect layering piece, and as I had my boyfriend and my initials engraved onto each tag, I figured it’d be sentimental too. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the final piece because they engraved it with the wrong font, so I’m waiting till I’m back in New York in February to switch it out.  

However, they’ve since totally redeemed themselves as my boyfriend bought me their Emerald Illusion Bangle for Christmas (which I dropped a lot of hints about!) and it’s absolutely beautiful.  The quality is simply spectacular.  Although the diamonds are small, they really sparkle.  I honestly think it’s the most beautiful thing I own.  

If you’re looking for something ultra-special I highly recommend checking them out HERE.     

Shoe Designer:

I’m choosing Golden Goose as my shoe designer of the year based on the fact I’ve worn their shoes endlessly since I bought them.  However, it is worth noting I’ve picked them with some apprehension as I have heard numerous concerns and rumours about their lack of quality.  

My experience to date is I’ve loved wearing mine and got plenty of wear out of them.  They’re super comfy and look great with anything from jeans, to dresses to maxi skirts. Personally, I think they’re so much more than just a trainer, they look far more stylish and are perfect for just about any occasion. 

I am a little worried about wear and tear as I’ve heard these trainers don’t last long, despite the expensive price tag.  Fortunately, mine still seems to be in good condition but I’m worried there will be a day the soles will wear down so much they’ll be unwearable but until then Golden Goose remains my favourite shoe designer from 2019. 

Check out more trainer styles HERE

Bargain of the Year:

Year-on-year shopping preloved luxury fashion has become more and more an obsession of mine.  This year I got some incredible steals which I think will be hard to top.  The first which comes to mind is my grey Chanel Maxi Flap bag which I bought from Sign of the Times.  I’ve talked about this place endlessly but if you still don’t know about it, you need to! Catch my blogpost about them HERE or my YouTube video HERE to see why this is a must-know place for any fashion lover.  

The Chanel Maxi Flap bag currently retails for north of £5000 which is an astronomical amount of money.  I paid £1200 for mine which is a bargain in comparison. Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful elephant shades of grey I’ve seen.  It’s worth noting it was marked and did look a little used but for the price difference it was SO worth it.  

Just before the end of the year, I sold the bag to my mum for the same price I paid as she fell totally in love with it, so I thought I’d share my second bargain of the year which I actually kept for myself.  The other store I shop in a lot for preloved luxury fashion is Designer Exchange (again I have a YouTube video about shopping with them HERE if you don’t know who they are).  I managed to bag myself a pair of Balenciaga Triple S for a bargain price.  Whether you love them or hate them these trainers were a fashion staple last year.  

I originally purchased a pair in summer 2018 but returned them as I couldn’t justify the £615 price tag (they’ve since gone up to £695!).  I ended up bagging a preloved pair from Designer Exchange for £280 (I got a 20% press discount, they’re were originally priced at £350) which was a steal given the amazing condition and that they came in the original box with the spare laces.  I’ve since worn them non-stop and couldn’t be more delighted with them.  

Favourite Purchase:

I was rather spendy last year and shopped way too much, so choosing just one item was really difficult.  So, I’m going to cheat and pick three!  The best investment purchase I made last year was my new Louis Vuitton Pegase luggage.  I’ve already got plenty of use out of it and I know I’ll still be using it in years to come. Watch my unboxing video HERE with everything you ever need to know about this suitcase.  

My next favourite purchase is my JW Anderson Anchor bag with the oversized gold chain.  Oh, how I wanted this bag but I couldn’t find it anywhere!  Somehow my lovely boyfriend hunted it down for me and it didn’t disappoint. The quality of this bag and the statement it makes is unparalleled to any other luxury brand, especially when you consider the £890 price point.  You couldn’t even buy a wallet on a chain from most luxury fashion houses for that price. 

My final favourite purchase is my preloved Hermes Collier de Chien cuff in black leather with silver hardware.  I had mentioned in my Hermes Collection YouTube video that I was after the silver version as I already had it with the gold and wanted the option of either metal to choose from.  As luck would have it good ol’ Sign of the Times had a preloved one available for £395 so I had to snap it up.  It has barely come off my wrist since I purchased it!    

Favourite Scent:

This year I’m choosing a scent which could be controversial. It’s the sort of fragrance you’ll either love or hate.  Throughout the autumn and early winter I found myself reaching for Miller Harris Rose en Noir.  I also had the candle in this scent which was equally wonderful.  

The best way I can describe this perfume is it’s like a talc-y, musky rose. It reminds me of an expensive, well-dressed older lady.  It’s heady without being overpowering.  If you ever find yourself by a Miller Harris fragrance counter I highly recommend giving it a smell, it will definitely take you by surprise.      

Favourite Film:

Without a shadow of a doubt the best film I saw this year was Green Book. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! It is such a great film with the most incredible acting. I was truly blown away by it.   

I also got totally swept up in the Marvel hype in 2019 and was very excited to watch Avengers: Endgame on the first day it released which didn’t disappoint.  I liked it so much I totally geeked out and saw it twice at the cinema! 

Favourite That New Dress Post:

This year I had a lot fewer blogposts to choose from as I took a long blogging and social media break during the first half of 2019.  The time off gave me plenty of time to think about what I felt was important and what I wanted That New Dress to stand for. 

I shared my thoughts about it in my first post returning back to blogging, titled “My Image & Blog Principles“, which you can read HERE if you haven’t already.  I’m very proud of this post and the promises I made to myself and the readers of this blog. I continue to stand behind my principles wholeheartedly.  

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