My absolute favourite store is called Timeless, found at 7614 Melrose Avenue.  I literally could not get enough and thankfully it is super affordable.  Nothing I purchased was over $70.

Timeless Melrose

Melrose is quite possibly my favourite shopping street in LA.  If you haven’t strutted down the famous Melrose Avenue then the first thing you should know is it can be distinctly divided into two parts.  For ease I am going to refer to them as the “fancy end” and the “trendy end“.

The “fancy end” is, of course, beautiful with gorgeous high end boutiques, such as DVF, Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger, DASH, NARS Cosmetics and so on.  It also has some of LA’s most fashionable coffee shops and cafes, so if you want to do some celeb spotting and experience the glamorous, glossier side of LA head there.

However, once you head past Fairfax, Melrose changes.  It becomes hipper and younger.  The types of shops transition into American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, vintage stores and a whole host of independent boutiques.  Personally I love this side of Melrose and spent many happy hours perusing the shops.

My absolute favourite store is called Timeless, found at 7614 Melrose Avenue.  I literally could not get enough and thankfully it is super affordable.  Nothing I purchased was over $70.  Here are some of the gorgeous pieces I picked up, so you see for yourself why I fell in love with Timeless.

Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose

I adore this dress!  It is super flattering, so comfortable to wear and has such gorgeous detailing!  I love the waist tie which from the front looks like you’ve tied a jumper around your waist.  It’s also a really great quality cotton fabric, so I imagine I’ll get a lot of wear out of this.

Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose

If I had managed to get myself to a festival this Summer this is the outfit I would have worn.  Although obviously I would have added the obligatory festival flowers in my hair! I think it’s such a unique dress and I haven’t seen anything else like it this summer.

Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose

I really want to be invited to a white party so I wear this pretty, floaty dress.  I’m desperately waiting for the perfect occasion!

Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose

Being typical me I got this top in black, khaki and cream because when something works you should buy it every colour! The off the shoulder look has been everywhere this Summer and I’m not surprised as it is so flattering.  I’m a “pear” body shape so anything that accentuates my slimmer top half is good by me!

This skirt is so cute but unfortunately it is a little bit see-through, so I tend it wear it with a long top to cover my behind or on the beach.  Such a shame as it’s totally gorgeous!

Timeless Melrose  Timeless Melrose

Like the black skirt the quality of this one isn’t fantastic either but for $25 it’s hardly the end of the world.  I’ve actually got more wear out of this skirt than the black one because the style works better for me and the fabric is at least double layered.  Also, I love the ruching detail on the front.

Timeless Melrose Timeless Melrose

If I got $1 for every compliment I’ve received while wearing this skirt it probably would have paid for itself by now! I love the flash of neon.  My dream would be to dress it up with some neon yellow stilettos but I’m yet to find the perfect pair; it would the best party outfit!

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