One of the reasons these boots have stood the test of time is their versatility.  They can be worn with absolutely anything from jeans to dresses or leather trousers to denim cut-offs.

The Susanna boot is up there as one of fashion’s most iconic shoes.  It has been incredibly influential.  Despite being around for almost a decade (it was originally launched in 2008) it’s still the go-to bootie for fashionistas, editors and bloggers.

I can honestly say I’ve wanted a pair for the last the 8 years but even when they first launched they were eye-wateringly expensive and they’ve gone up considerably over the years.  It has taken me almost a decade to be able to convince myself to spend such an astronomical amount of money but I finally took the plunge this summer.

As these boots have been around for so long they come in a multitude of options.  I’ve even seen them in a knee high and shoe version.  They come in leather, velvet, denim or suede with different toned hardware.

I have the classic ankle boot version in Bordeaux velvet with gold hardware.


One of the reasons these boots have stood the test of time is their versatility.  They can be worn with absolutely anything from jeans to dresses or leather trousers to denim cut-offs.  They’re one of the few boots which be worn throughout the year, whatever the season.

For this reason, I partly wish I got mine in leather rather than the velvet, as I feel the velvet is much more suited to the winter months.  The leather or suede versions work so much better with either a summery smock or pretty tea dress.

One piece of advice I would offer is think very carefully about whether you want gold or silver hardware and which works best with your wardrobe.  The gold seems to more common at the moment, but if you want silver, it is available, you just might need to spend a bit more time hunting them down.

With regard to sizing I bought my usual size 36.  However, I have heard a lot of people needed to size down half a size to stop their foot slipping around.  My best advice is if you’re between sizes or you have a very narrow foot then size down.  Otherwise I think you should be fine with your usual size and if worse comes to the worse you can always wear a sock with them to prevent slipping.


Over the 8 years I’ve been lusting after the Susanna boot I have bought many dupe versions off the high street but the truth is these can’t be replicated.  This is due to the quality of these shoes.  The leather wears beautifully, the hardware never tarnishes and I’ve never heard about any of the studding falling off or getting damaged.  I love that the leather versions look better as they soften with wear.  They simply ooze quality.

The other thing about them is on the foot they look surprisingly elegant despite having multiple buckles and studding.  I have a very wide foot so technically these should make my feet look clumpy and cumbersome but amazingly they don’t.

I also have to mention how comfortable they are.  There is no need to break these in or worry about them pinching.  You can literally take them out of the box and go for a 5 mile walk with absolutely no worries!


The price is the only major sticking point when it comes to these amazing shoes.  They are very, very expensive and seem to go up in price every year.  They are currently around the £850 mark, although you can sometimes find them for a bit less.  I think the suede versions retail around £795.

The other thing about them is they very rarely go on sale and if they do, they sell out within a blink of an eye.  The reason you don’t find them on sale is they’re deemed a “classic”.

When it comes to purchasing these, the best way of justifying it is thinking about your cost per wear.  I know I will be wearing these every day during Autumn/Winter, so I will definitely get my value for money out of them.

They are an excellent investment piece.  If you want something that looks great with everything this is the shoe to buy!  The best way I can describe them is effortlessly chic.

Outfit details: Tee – River Island (find HERE or HERE in black) | Trousers – River Island (find HERE) | Boots – Chloe (find HERE or Blue Velvet version HERE) | Bag – Dior (find HERE in Black) | Neck tie – ASOS (similar HERE & HERE) | Sunglasses – Gucci (find HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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