...these Miu Miu dupes were too good to resist!  I have always loved the bejewelled heel Miu Miu do but they are eye wateringly expensive....

Miu Miu Dupes

It’s not often I talk about a “fashion dupe”.  When it comes to beauty products I do it all the time because I believe any branded makeup whether it be drugstore or designer is ultimately made in similar ways.  I say this because I know all health and beauty labels have to abide by the same health and safety codes.  So whether it’s Rimmel or Chanel the fundamentals of those products will be the same.  In other words, while some may be more pigmented or contain more nourishing oils for example, whatever I’m buying will have the same base line quality.

When it comes to fashion I don’t feel the same way.  Generally with designer labels, although not exclusively, I find by paying those higher prices you are investing in better quality materials and more expert skills.  That’s why I would rather buy one expensive pair of shoes instead of 5 Topshop pairs.  Not only do I feel I will treasure them more because I had to work a hell of a lot harder to own them, but also that they’ll last longer and wear in better than a cheaper pair.

Miu Miu Dupes

Anyway getting back to the point, this was basically a very long winded way of saying, I almost never purchase replica style shoes.  However, these Miu Miu dupes were too good to resist!  I have always loved the bejewelled heel Miu Miu do but they are eye wateringly expensive.  When I spotted these Carvela beauties at the Kurt Geiger concession in Harrods I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The heel actually looks expensive and is really well inlaid.  Often high street labels use cheaper crystals which can look smudged and don’t glisten in the light.  The suede is also lovely quality.  I like the bow (again very Miu Miu) which makes these booties look all the more elegant and girly!

Miu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu Dupes

I actually styled these with 3 different outfits because I wanted to show how they go with absolutely EVERYTHING but there would have been a ridiculous number of photos so I cut an outfit out.  The third and final outfit was super fitted black jeans with a black velvet dinner jacket which I put together to show just how glamorous these boots can be.  Basically there are a million and one ways these can be worn.  I seriously can’t recommend them enough!

Miu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu DupesMiu Miu Dupes

Unfortunately no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find a link for these online but the sales assistant did say they are this season, so it is worth going to or calling your nearest Kurt Geiger to ask if they have them in store or whether they’ll be getting them in.  In the meantime I did see this crystal heeled pair in the SALE (click HERE to be taken directly to them), personally I don’t think they are anywhere near as nice as the booties but if you can’t resist a bit of bling these are a bargain!

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