In fact, I'm probably the queen of loungewear as I basically live in it, so when it comes to knowing the best loungewear pieces, I'm seriously your girl!

Loungewear Pieces

Now that Autumn is well and truly upon us, we are beginning to gear ourselves up for evenings snuggled underneath blankets with a huge hot chocolate in our comfiest loungewear.  This is the time to hibernate and relax before we gear up for “party season” which is usually somewhere between mid-November to December.

Although if I’m totally honest it’s not just during the Autumn you’ll find me cosied up in my comfy clothes.  In fact, I’m probably the queen of loungewear as I basically live in it, so when it comes to knowing the best loungewear pieces, I’m seriously your girl! Here are my five favourites I currently can’t get enough of:

Ivy Park

Loungewear Pieces

I highly rate Ivy Park for its amazing quality.  I probably own 4 or 5 pieces and they’re all super soft and lovely to wear.  Plus they wash really well, I haven’t shrunk anything yet which I assure you, when it comes to me doing laundry that is impressive!

Loungewear PiecesLoungewear Pieces

I’ve had my fair share of leggings over the years from super expensive ones to the Primark versions.  I can honestly say these are the best yet.  The fabric is really thick so there’s none of that going see-through malarky and showing your knickers to the whole world.  Secondly, they seem to suck everything in, much like a pair of spanks does.  I assure my legs do not usually look this slender, that’s all down to these Ivy Park beauties! If you love your leggings these are SO worth paying that extra bit of money on.

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Loungewear Pieces

Oh I do love a pair of slippers.  There is nothing better than slipping your feet into what feels like a cloud of comfort after a long day.  I genuinely believe EVERYONE should own at least one pair.

Loungewear Pieces

In typical me style, my current favourites are pretty wacky and silly but if you prefer something more classic I really recommend a pair from Ugg.  I’ve got some which have lasted forever.  In terms of quality and comfort, they’re incredible.

Also, the other thing I seriously can’t get enough of right now is “slipper socks”.  They’re the best things to have when you’re travelling.  I have this weird thing about dirty hotel carpets and I just can’t bare to walk with bare feet on them, so slipper socks have solved that problem in an instant.  I tend to pick mine up from either M&S (FYI they always do the CUTEST ones around Christmas time) or TK Maxx.

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Loungewear Pieces

If you’re going to do pretty loungewear it doesn’t get much prettier than this.  I don’t usually even like yellow but there’s something about the gorgeous Chrystalle range from Wacoal which has me all gooey eyed!

Loungewear PiecesLoungewear Pieces

The thing I like most about it is the long sleeve top.  Usually these silky negligee style pieces are way too skin-baring for my liking but in this, I actually feel feminine and comfortable, rather than self-conscious.  I’m not going to lie this is on the pricier side but it is a perfect “pick me up treat” for yourself or, even better, from your partner!

Flannel PJs

Loungewear Pieces

So from one end of the spectrum to the other.  When I’m not trying to impress anyone (which is most of the time!) I’m a classic flannel pyjama kinda gal!  I obviously don’t wear them during high summer, way to hot, but any other time of year I can’t wait to put them on.

Loungewear PiecesLoungewear Pieces

There’s something about a pair of matching button up pyjamas which just makes me feel like a little girl all over again.  Plus, the great thing about them is the more you wear them, the comfier they become.  This probably sounds ridiculous but for me, some of my oldest pyjamas almost feel like old friends!

These Sanrio PJs from the Ladies Market in Hong Kong are the latest addition to my expanding collection.  I just couldn’t resist them!

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Jockey trackies

Loungewear Pieces

Everybody needs a pair of good quality trackie bottoms in their wardrobe.  Invest well and you shouldn’t have to keep rebuying them over and over again because they’ve got all ragged and worn out.

Loungewear PiecesLoungewear Pieces

Jockey specialises predominantly in men’s underwear and loungewear (they’re a great option if you’re already thinking about potential Christmas gifts!) but their women’s line is also worth checking out, as the have some really cute pieces too.  Just look how happy they make me!

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