I was pretty impressed by how easy it was to apply and how streak free the finished results were.  I still consider myself as a tanning novice so if I can manage a streak-less than then anyone can!

I came to the fake tanning party quite late in life which is surprising given that I’m naturally very pale and I hate sitting in the sun.  As you can imagine it was a total revelation!  I think I always had those pre-conceived notions that I’d end up orange and streaky but the truth is, fake tans have moved on so much, they’re now almost foolproof (thank goodness!).

Last summer was my first shimmy into fake tanning and I eased myself in using gradual tans.  This summer I’ve fully embraced it by trying just about everyone going.  I had to give Skinny Tan a mention as I’ve been loving it.  It’s not just the fake tan that stands out but their whole line which covers each and every step to a streak-free tan.

1) Pre Tan Primer and Exfoliating Mitt

I’ve seen a couple of reviews which have been disappointed by Skinny Tan’s Pre Tan Primer which I find really surprising, as I absolutely love it.  I use it religiously, regardless of whether I’m actually fake tanning or not.  It’s my go-to exfoliator.

Most of the negative feedback talks about it being too gentle and that they feel their skin hasn’t been sufficiently exfoliated.  Firstly, the Pre Tan Primer has a very creamy consistency to it and the beads are quite sparse.  As exfoliators go, it is nourishing rather than stripping.  The truth is we shouldn’t be using harsh, super grainy and abrasive products on the skin.

Secondly, this product HAS to be used in conjunction with the Exfoliating Mitt.  Without this, you’re probably not going to prime your skin sufficiently for tanning, especially around your elbows, knees and ankles.  The mitt is dual action; one side can be used to prime your skin and the other side, which is slightly more abrasive, can be used to remove fake tan.

The mitt and exfoliator together are a winning combination.  They keep your skin soft and supple while simultaneously ensuring it’s sufficiently primed for tanning.  Even if I’m not tanning I still reach for it every couple of days to keep my skin super soft!

2) Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner

Let’s be honest anything with the words “rose gold” in it is going to get my attention.  Plus, I’d never seen a rose gold fake tan before, so I was excited to give this a whirl! The Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner promises to develop a natural looking, streak-free tan over 6 hours which lasts 7 days.

First off, I was pretty impressed by how easy it was to apply and how streak free the finished results were.  I still consider myself as a tanning novice so if I can manage a streak-less than then anyone can!

I really love the colour this develops into.  I tend to leave it overnight as this is recommended to achieve the best results.  I can best describe it as being olive toned which I really liked.  There isn’t a touch of orange insight and it looks really natural.

This is the perfect tan to reach for if you’re planning on tanning right before a big night out.  The rose gold shimmer gives your limbs a seriously luminous and instantly radiant glow.  For me personally, it was a little too glittery for the daytime. I felt a little like a glistening Christmas tree!

Reason above all to get yourself the Rose Gold 7-Day Tanner is that £2 from each sale is donated to Marie Curie.  Although as it’s a limited edition, you need to snap it up HERE quick, quick, quick!

3) After Glow Gloss

The After Glow Gloss is another example of how Skinny Tan has nailed those complementary products needed to create the perfect tan.

Skinny Tan’s advises The After Glow Gloss is best used at least 5 hours after you’ve tanned to prolong your tan, hydrate your skin and give you a glossy glow.  The consistency is a mix between a gel and oil.  It leaves your skin super soft and smells like being on holiday which I love.  This is a perfect summer product.

I also use it pre-tanning on my elbows, knees, ankles, etc. to stop any patchiness or streaking.  I’m a big fan of this dual use product.

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