I'm often being asked for advice, so I thought it was time I shared my two fail-safe hair secrets.

I’ve been asked to share my haircare routine on the blog so many times but I’ve always been reluctant to.   The truth is when it comes to maintaining my locks, I’m as low maintenance as it comes!

Despite this, I’m often being asked for advice, so I thought it was time I shared my two fail-safe hair secrets.

Firstly, I have naturally straight hair.  If truth be told, I got really lucky in the DNA stakes, as my hair is fairly manageable and easy to style.  I mostly let my hair air dry and as I don’t add heat to it very often it stays in pretty good nick!

Secondly, and most importantly, it’s all about the hair products I use.  Investing in good quality products which work for your hair is key.

Percy and Reed is one of my go-to brands.  I highly recommend their Perfectly Perfecting Wonder duo.

The Wonder Wash Shampoo leaves my hair feeling purified and nourished.  This is due to its ingenious formula which responds to your hair type, meaning it works with your hair rather than against it.

For example, as I have long hair I need it to cleanse the roots while simultaneously conditioning and repairing the ends without weighing it down.  To find a shampoo which serves all of these aspects is a real godsend!

It’s also worth noting it’s free of SLS/SLES, so there are no nasties in it.  Plus, it offers colour protection and environmental defence.  What more can you ask for in a shampoo?!

Shop the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo HERE.

The accompanying conditioner to this shampoo is the Wonder Care Conditioner.  Again, it’s hair type responsive, which is great for me, as I have naturally oily hair, and conditioners have a habit of weighing it down.  This gentle formula conditions without leaving it heavy or limp.

Shop the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Care Conditioner HERE.

If you have long hair, you’ll know the struggle when it comes to keeping dry and frazzled ends at bay.  The Wonder Overnight Recovery is one of the best hair treatments for dry hair.

Not only does this stuff work wonders but it’s also hassle free!

All you need to do is apply this overnight hair treatment evenly though the ends of your dry hair before you go to bed.  Within a few seconds it completely melts into your hair which means you can go to sleep without worrying about ruining your pillows or having to wrap a towel around your head.  The next morning you simply wash it out with shampoo and no additional conditioning is required.  Genius!

You can shop the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery HERE or learn more about Percy and Reed’s products HERE.

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A massive thank you to Percy & Reed for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to finally share my haircare routine.  As always all thoughts and tips remain my own.

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