What we wear is intrinsically linked to our confidence levels and self worth.  The saying "never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day", couldn't be more accurate.

Fashion Armour

The other day I found myself walking home from work with my head held higher and an extra spring in my step.  This surprising new found confidence caught me rather off guard but as I strutted down the street it dawned on me there was a cause and it was down to my outfit.  That particular day I had received a number of compliments from colleagues and clients over the course of the day and even as I grabbed a quick bite to eat, this impeccably styled gay guy was fawning all over my outfit.  It made my day and as I wandered the last few blocks home I was practically skipping!  So while this subject may seem vanity riddled and trivial the truth is what we wear is not only an almighty representation of who we are, but also our safety net, a defence mechanism or more accurately, our armour.

People blow off fashion as something for frou frou dimwits or the self obsessed.  Of course there are more important things in life other than clothes, after all we all have bills to pay, responsibilities to adhere to and would like world peace.  However, I’m not talking about the bigger picture and what fashion does or doesn’t add to the world, although it is an $1.2 trillion industry, so it isn’t trivial even on a global sense.  What I want to focus on is the importance it brings to the individual.

What we wear is intrinsically linked to our confidence levels and self worth.  The saying “never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day”, couldn’t be more accurate.  If you’re feeling vulnerable, put on a power suit and fake that high flying business woman.  If you feel fat, put on that boho, floaty gypsy dress which hides a multitude of sins and no will ever know it’s a “fat day”.  If you’re attending an event alone, throw on your favourite outfit and you’ll instantly feel more confident and sure of yourself.  The only person who can control how you want to be perceived is yourself and what you wear is integral part of that.

Being interested in fashion, shopping and beauty shouldn’t automatically tarnish you as a narcissistic with no brains.  To the contrary, dress yourself to be whoever you want to be and with self belief, determination and hard work you’ll undoubtedly succeed.  The next time someone frowns at you because you picked up Vogue and not the Financial Times or makes a comment about there being more important things in the world than your appearance, put on your fashion armour and brush it off.

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