So, the question remains, despite being the ultimate trendsetter, is it worth the hype (and major price tag)?

I pined after the Acne Studios Velocite jacket for many years before I finally owned one.  Those that know about this coat are more than aware of the ripple effect it has had on the fashion world.  It has been copied and duped by everyone from top-end luxury brands to premium labels to the high street.  So, the question remains, despite being the ultimate trendsetter, is it worth the hype (and major price tag)?

This is my second winter snuggled up in this coat, so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts and wrote a full review on it.  

I have the classic black lambs leather version in size 38 which I purchased preloved from Designer Exchange (you can watch my unboxing video of it HERE).


The Velocite is the perfect mix of fashion and timeless style.  Aviator coats are nothing new but the oversized styling is unique to the Velcoite.  As I’m on the shorter side (5’1″) it really swallows me up.  It’s practically dress-length, the shoulders fall far below mine and there is enough space to fit a whole other person before zipping it up. Despite all that, it just seems to work and looks effortlessly cool no matter what I throw underneath it.  

This coat is 100% Lamb shearling which means it keeps you very toasty but it also means it’s quite heavy.  As much as I love this jacket and wear it all the time, it does have its issues.  Most notably, if you’re popping in and out of the tube, meetings or shops, you’re going to find yourself constantly taking it on and off.  This isn’t such a problem in itself but when you’ve got to carry it, it’s very bulky.  Just before Christmas I was in Primark picking up some stocking fillers.  As you can imagine the store was mega busy, I was laden down with an overflowing basket and feeling very hot and flustered.  Carrying a giant and rigid coat with me did not make it any easier!     


Given this is from Acne Studios and the enormous price tag you wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection in the quality stakes.  In this respect, it completely lives up to the hype.  The quality is spectacular.  As I’ve already mentioned it keeps you incredibly warm, even on the coldest of days.  

I bought mine preloved, so I have no idea how it was looked after before me but I throw it around all over the place.  It gets chucked in the car, thrown on the back of chairs and slung over the sofa on a daily basis.  The wear and tear (so far) is minimal. The leather hasn’t cracked, in fact, it’s just got softer and more buttery with wear. The zips and buckles, although a little scratched, haven’t tarnished at all.  

You might have noticed my coat is missing the belt which goes around the bottom.  Unfortunately, when I purchased it, it was already missing.  I mentioned in my Acne Studios Leather Jacket review (read it HERE) which has a similar belt design it was my biggest gripe.  Due to the weight of the buckle, it weighs the other end of the belt down so it slides out of the belt loops.  I imagine the Velocite jacket suffers from the same issue and this is how the belt got lost inthe first place.  Personally, I think it’s inexcusable for this is to still be an issue across their jackets and the design should have been adapted to rectify this by now.      


From (almost) everything I’ve said so far this is a great coat.  However, there is a massive sticking point I’ve already touched on but not fully addressed yet and that’s the exorbitant price.  It’s difficult to get passed the £2100 price tag.  Yes, there are more expensive coats out there but not many. 

If I had a budget of £2100 for a coat then yes, this is a superb option.  It can be worn with anything and everything, I’ve taken it on country walks and I’ve taken it to black tie events.  It’s incredibly versatile.  You can certainly get your cost per wear out of it, so despite being a hefty investment, it’s potentially a very good one.

However, in reality there are not many people I know who have a spare £2k kicking around to spend on a coat.  Plus, there are so many look-a-likes available for a fraction of the cost.  I had a ZARA copy for many years before I bought the Acne version.  It was around £100 and obviously wasn’t real shearling but it looked great and the quality was surprisingly good.  If you’re after the real deal, then All Saints currently have a gorgeous sheepskin and lamb leather option currently with 50% off making it £449 (check it out HERE) or The Outnet have one from Maje with 40% off for £825 (see it HERE).  These are some great alternatives but if you can’t resist the piste de resistance, then I’ve found some great preloved Velocites; check out these HERE, HERE and HERE.

So, in swift conclusion, this is an excellent jacket, probably the best I’ve ever owned.  Plus, its been worn more than any of my other coats.  However, the price tag is a massive road block which is tricky to overcome. Buying a preowned one definitely seems like the most logical answer but if you don’t like second hand then the high street offer up some excellent alternatives.    

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