The debate of flats vs heels is an old aged one and every woman (even those disinterested in fashion) has an opinion on it.

Flats vs Heels

I wanted to write this post because as I’ve mentioned at least a hundred times already I’m a comfort first kind of dresser.  One of my most important things is ensuring I’m relaxed and at ease without having to compromise on style.  The debate of flats vs heels is an old aged one and every woman (even those disinterested in fashion) has an opinion on it.

Flats vs HeelsFlats vs Heels

I love a great pair of heels.  Nothing can beat the sexiness and sophistication of a killer stiletto.  There’s simply no denying a great pair of heels will not only create a taller, slimmer, leaner silhouette but also boost your confidence sky high and what girl doesn’t want that?  On the flip side most are excruciatingly uncomfortable, difficult to meander around in and sometimes ever so slightly “try-hard”.  Of course, this opinion doesn’t stop me buying beautiful yet troublesome heels.  Oh no, I have a wardrobe full of them, but do they ever get to see the light of day? Rarely!

Flats vs HeelsFlats vs Heels

The truth is you can look just as polished in a great pair of flats as you can in a pair of heels.  The flat has merits beyond practical ones.  Admittedly, they are generally comfier and easier to run around town in but there is something very sophisticated and classy about a pair of flats, think Parisian chic or even London edginess in a gorgeous pair of brogues.  Get the right style of flats and I promise you, you’ll look and feel just as chic, if not more!

Flats vs HeelsFlats vs HeelsFlats vs HeelsFlats vs HeelsDSC02207-Edit

Outfit Details: Top – Ellibeth (find HERE) | Jeans – Topshop (find HERE) | Flats – Versace (similar HERE & HERE or a very gorgeous High Street version HERE) | Heels – Christian Louboutin (similar HERE or High Street Dupe HERE)

My top tip to finding a winning flat is to choose a pointed toe.  They are far more elegant and they give the impression of elongating and slimming down your foot.

The other thing to go for is a bold colour or a metallic.  A shoe doesn’t need to a sky-high heel height to make a statement.

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Flats vs Heels

Let me know which you prefer in the flats vs heels battle!

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