I thought this time I'd throw my first impressions of each of the products into the ring, so you can get a better idea if they're worth purchasing.

Sephora haul first impressions

So ANOTHER Sephora haul happened, the obsession is becoming a bit too much, especially for my bank account! Although thankfully this haul was a little more restrained than some of my other hauls (catch two past ones HERE and HERE).  I thought this time I’d throw my first impressions of each of the products into the ring, so you can get a better idea if they’re worth purchasing.

Foreo – Luna Mini

Sephora haul first impressions

I suffer quite badly from trapped oil and enlarged pores so deep cleaning and exfoliating are essential parts to my skincare regime.  This Foreo has been an absolute dream in targeting any problem areas without being too harsh or intense for daily use.  I’m personally not a fan of the Clarisonic as I feel bacteria and dirt can easily multiple and manifest between the bristles if not cleaned exceptionally well on a daily basis.  As this is silicon it just feel like it’s much more hygienic.

The Luna Mini is the mid level version which is suitable for everyone.  The more advanced version can be tailored to your skin type.  I find the Luna Mini more than sufficient, so I’d save your pennies by buying this one.  It definitely lives up to expectations and more than successfully removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, decongests oil and removes makeup residue.  Plus it is so simple and quick to use, it’s such an easy addition to your skincare routine.

Tarte – Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector

Sephora haul first impressions

I picked this up because I heard it had the best coverage for under eyes and given my lack of recent sleep I figured it was worth a try.  Having tried it once I wouldn’t say the coverage is any better than my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer.  Although what I will say is it’s very buildable, so you can really adjust your coverage and probably get a full coverage look with multiple layers.  One of the things I really like is it doesn’t crease which I find is a common problem with concealers for me.  It only comes in two shades and I have light/medium which I wish was ever so slightly brighter but I am really nit-picking here.

Definitely a worthy advocate if you’re looking for a new under eye concealer.

Buxom – Eyeshadow Bar Suede Seduction Palette

Sephora haul first impressions

This was a purchase I didn’t particularly need as I have plenty palettes already (is there ever such a thing?!) but when I swatched it in store I was so taken by how buttery soft the shadows were.  Plus they are all matte which for me is perfect as I’m not a big fan of shimmer.  This really didn’t let me down.  They are pigmented, blendable, there’s no fall out and I love the colours, particularly the last 3 cooler shades. Plus it’s a perfect portable size.  I will definitely be trying more Buxom eyeshadows in the future.

Sunday Riley – Good Genes Treatment

Sephora haul first impressions

This was a repurchase and I’ve already spoken about how amazing it is HERE so I won’t bore you with all the details for a second time.  Catch my past review for all the reasons why this is a must buy!

Sephora + Pantone Universe – Modern Watercolors Lipgloss Set

Sephora haul first impressionsSephora haul first impressions

I am completely obsessed with the Pantone Colours of the Year.  The pastel Rose Quartz and Serenity are exactly my kind of shades, so I couldn’t resist this lipgloss set which is done in collaboration with Pantone.  It was so beautifully packaged and merchandised in store it was pretty much irresistible!  The packaging as a whole gets a 10/10.  However, beyond that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purchasing them.  They are almost completely sheer making all the colours look pretty much identical.  Plus you have to put about 6 layers on to even get that glossy shine, let alone any colour pay off! They’re great for photo props though!

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