If I got a £1 for every compliment I've received wearing these I'd easily be able to treat myself to a new pair or two by now.

Chiara Ferragni Collection Review

Every time I wear my Chiara Ferragni Collection shoes I receive a shed load of compliments but also quite a few questions about them so I thought I’d do a review style blogpost covering all the basics including comfort, different styles and size guides.

Chiara Ferragni Collection Review

There are so many reasons I adore Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad.  For the limited few that don’t know who this is, she is queen of the blogging world.  Her blog The Blonde Salad garners over 150,000 views per day and she has been a pioneer, not only within the blogging community, but also within the fashion industry.  In fact to refer to her as just a blogger completely underplaying who she is.

She launched the Chiara Ferragni Collection in 2013.  It began purely as a shoe line but recently she has been expanding by adding accessories and clothing.  I’m a HUGE fan and season after season she brings out at least one or two designs I fall head over heels in love with.

Chiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection Review

Outfit Details: Dress – BCBG (find HERE) | Jacket – Topshop (find HERE) | Shoes – Chiara Ferragni Collection (find HERE) | Bag – Chanel (similar HERE & HERE which is one of the best prices I’ve seen for this kind of bag) | Necklace – Primark (similar HERE) | Rings – Wanderlust + Co (find HERE)

Stupidly, I admired these from a far for too long simply because I wasn’t sure how’d they fit plus I’d heard through the grapevine they were hideously painful.  I generally wear a European 36/36.5, so buying online can be tricky, especially when they don’t do half sizes (FYI Chiara Ferragni Collection returns are not free (GRRRR…) and they have to be returned to the head office in Italy (double GRRR…) which can end up pretty pricey!).  Thankfully she is stocked in a lot more stores now so it’s far easier to try before you buy but in the early days it was almost impossible to find her designs outside of Italy.

In the end I took a size 36 in both pairs.  With sizing I would say it comes up fairly standard so if you’re between sizes go for whichever you find yourself wearing more often out of the two.

Ok so onto the clincher; level of comfort!  I’m not going to lie, neither pair were particularly comfortable when I first got them.  With the silver slips on I have managed to break in and they no longer rub on the back of my ankle.  To be fair the pain was never too horrific but given this style of shoe you’d hope they’d be comfy from the get go! As for the pink pointed pair that’s sadly a different story.  The leather is so stiff that there is very little give in them.  If you want to be able to wear them on a day you’ll be walking up a storm, you’re definitely going to struggle.  Having said that I do wear mine out and about if I’m going for a meal or to a meeting where I’ll be sitting down but you do need to plan ahead with these!  Obviously everyone’s foot is different and I can only share my experience, you might not have any problems at all in these.  Lucky you!

Chiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection ReviewChiara Ferragni Collection Review

Outfit Details: Dress – Topshop (find HERE or in grey HERE which I’m currently lusting after! ) | Jumper – Topshop (find HERE) | Shoes – Chiara Ferragni Collection (similar HERE & HERE) | Bangle – Whistle & Bango (find HERE) + Get 10% off with code Thatnewdress10

So I guess the real test is would I buy either of these again in a different colour or finish? ABSOLUTELY!  I honestly love them.  They are fun and full of personality which is what dressing and fashion should be about.  They go with everything and they can dress up any outfit, taking it from boring to fabulous!  If I got a £1 for every compliment I’ve received wearing these I’d easily be able to treat myself to a new pair or two by now.  I realise this is a bit of a 180 from the girl who always rambles on about comfort first but sometimes if you love something enough, you need to suck it up and break those shoes in!

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