“Things come to those who wait”; what a cliché and to a certain extent only half true.  


“Things come to those who wait”; what a cliché and to a certain extent only half true.  The expression really should be, “things come to those who wait but who also work their little behinds off!”  Having faith in yourself, hustling hard and never giving up are key to achieving your goals.  I wrote a post recently on 3 (easy) ways to believe in yourself (catch it HERE if you missed it), so now I want to talk about what comes next.

This post is for all those girls (and guys) who are feeling like they’re not getting anywhere in life and wondering where the light at the end of the tunnel is hiding.  Trust me, it’s out there, you just need some self-belief, patience and determination.


There’s a reason why all the wonderful things in life are hard to come by, the thing that makes them wonderful, is that they’re hard to come by.  I can think of a whole host of things that I’ve had to work incredibly hard for and I can honestly say looking back, every single one was worth the fight (minus the odd ex-boyfriend!).  An achievement is something you have to earn and persevere with.

Whatever it is, that exam result, the next step up the career ladder or even that designer handbag you’ve been lusting after and saving up for.  Keep pushing yourself and keep believing, eventually you will get there.

My goals range from the trivial to the life changing but fighting for all of them was so worth the struggle.  I thought I’d share a couple with you.


For various stupid reasons, I failed the dissertation of my Masters degree.  During the summer I was supposed to be writing it, I fell in love with a boy and like an idiot I prioritised him over anything else.  It resulted in me writing all 100,000 words 3 days before it was due.  Unsurprisingly, it was pretty terrible and I failed!  After plenty of heart felt pleas I rewrote it and it was reaccepted the following summer and thankfully I passed.  It was hard work, I had to research and write it while I was at law school so I had double the work load but it was definitely worth it.  The sense of accomplishment was monumental and the satisfaction of righting my wrongs felt amazing.  It also taught me another incredibly important lesson, to never prioritise a boy!!


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The second achievement I fought for was overcoming my acne.  This is still a working progress as my skin is far from perfect but I’ve come a long way.  Even though it was more than a decade ago I still remember the exact words some of the girls at school cattily said about it.  If you’ve ever suffered from it yourself you’ll know how debilitating it is, it shatters your confidence.  Thankfully, over time and after trying countless products and treatments, my skin has got clearer.  I’m now happy to go out without makeup which is wonderfully freeing.

I would love to know what you’ve fought for and achieved.  Let’s share some stories so we can inspire each other to never give up!

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