While I don't believe in regrets, there are pointers I could definitely have done with.


I was recently brought crashing down to earth with a thud when I realised my little bubby sister is not so little anymore.  Once she’d turned 13 she overnight became a young lady with her own thoughts, challenges and demons.  While thinking about how I can be there for her through these tricky adolescent years I began thinking about my turbulent teens and if I could go back what would I change.  While I don’t believe in regrets, there are pointers I could definitely have done with.  This is a letter to my younger self….

Dear Me, 

Firstly, you are going to suppress who you are to stay relevant.  You’ll try to mould yourself and reinvent your personality to make you appear more interesting or more in sync with your peers…DON’T! Don’t be ashamed of who you are and never allow yourself to feel inferior, stupid or out of the loop.  When you get to University you’ll be surrounded with bright and brilliant intellects; they will be far smarter than you but don’t let that intimidate you.  Stay passionate about the things YOU love and have confidence in your convictions and voice.

The other struggle is your heart will be broken.  The first and second time it happens you think you’ll never survive but I assure you, you do!  Heartbreak is a necessary evil, you learn to protect yourself and appreciate genuine love when you receive it.  BUT I will tell you this, if something doesn’t sound right, if a boy is sprouting rubbish which in the back of your head you know doesn’t add up, listen to that inner voice.  Back away and leave.  Trust your gut and get out early.  You will save yourself so much anguish and so many tears in the long run.  Finally, remember to be loved is a luxury, not a given.  Don’t take it for granted when something real and pure does come along.

Make mistakes but don’t make them twice.  Go out get drunk and behave ridiculously but always stay safety.  Make as many friends as you can and be kind but don’t allow people to take advantage and speak your mind, even when it is hard.  Nothing good comes from burying your head in the sand, face challenges head on and things will tend to work itself out.  

In for simple words… Be happy, be smart, be YOU!

Love, Me x

It was surprisingly therapeutic writing this and I would definitely recommend taking half an hour out to think about the advice you would give to yourself if you could go back in time.  Let me know in the comments below what you would tell your younger self.

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