Now that this chapter is coming to an end I wanted to share my thoughts on what happens after you take the plunge.

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One of the questions I get asked over and over again is why I spend so much time in LA, especially when I refer to myself as a “Londoner” or “London blogger” so often.  I wrote a “Thoughts of the Month” blogpost nearly a year ago touching on my reasons behind crossing the Atlantic (read HERE if you missed it) and now seems like an apt time to re-address it since March will sadly be the last month I spend in Los Angeles before returning to my hometown, London, full time.  Now that this chapter is coming to an end I wanted to share my thoughts on what happens after you take the plunge.

In my previous post I discussed how I hoped taking a leap of faith would reinvigorate my love of life.  It was my solution to pulling myself out of a professional and personal rut. I figured by spreading my wings, meeting new people and experiencing new ways of living I’d rewaken my senses and remember life is an adventure and not merely a set of responsibilities.

So I suppose the question is did it work, what did I learn and what’s next?

By isolating myself from all the distractions at home I had time to really think about what I wanted out of life, where I wanted to go and in what order to rank my priorities.  The problem is life runs away from us at such a monumental speed it’s very difficult to regroup with all the ongoing distractions home life throws at us.  Being alone in LA gave me a chance to assess which things I truly cared about.  The most important elements from my home life shone brighter and for the first time in a long time I could clearly pinpoint them.  Going forward these are what I’ll be focusing on.

Inevitably wherever you are in the world you’re the same person.  I still refuse to eat a Kale salad or become a vegan, no amount of time in this city will change that.   Having said that, immersing myself in change has ultimately changed me. My sense of navigation is a little better, I’m less fearful of the unknown and as it turns out, I’m far more resilient than I ever realised.  Although my core remains the same my skill set and self belief is far stronger.

The other thing I never expected was how homesick I would be.  I suddenly appreciate my city, family and friends so much more.  I’m lucky to have such wonderful and loving people surrounding me and I want to be there with them to celebrate their highs and persevere though the lows together.  I now know more than ever London, or at least the UK, will always be my base.

Overall taking the plunge and heading to a city where I knew no one was the best headspace I could have asked for.  If you ever have the opportunity to do something similar take it with both hands and run.  Don’t be afraid, you’ll never know what you can learn about yourself if you don’t challenge yourself.  For me it was about realising how much home meant to me, what my priorities in life are and that I can do anything if I really put my mind, heart and soul into it.  I’m sure they’ll be a period of readjustment when I’m home which I don’t expect to be easy.  The British weather for starters is going to take some getting use to again but I can’t wait to reunited with my beloved London and start the next chapter in life.

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