The older I get, the more I realise how important it is to front the causes you believe in.

These days instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I wear my thoughts on my chest.  Over the last month, two amazing t-shirts have come into my life and I don’t want to ever take them off!  I’m basically alternating them every other day.  The older I get, the more I realise how important it is to front the causes you believe in.  Don’t shy away from them, instead support them loud and proud and share their message be emblazoning it on a tee!

I don’t think there was one person who wasn’t left shocked and overwhelmed by the recent Grenfell tragedy.  As someone who lives in Notting Hill and a stone’s throw from Grenfell Tower I was affected by it both physically and emotionally.

The Love 4 Grenfell campaign sells t-shirts which have been worn by the likes of Rita Ora, Stormzy and Cara Delevingne.  All the proceeds will be given directly to the residents of the Grenfell tower disaster for them to use as they see fit.  Click HERE to be taken to where you can buy one.

By buying one of these tees, not only are you funding an incredible cause, but you’re also continuing to show your support, even when it’s fallen off the news cycle.  By wearing the word Grenfell emblazoned across your chest, you’re showing that it’s never forgotten.

Every woman needs to buy this “The Future Is Female” tee, which you can find HERE.  It’s not only an absolute steal at £10, but I’m also loving the lightweight fabric and loose fit.  I’ve already written an entire blogpost about why we should make the future more female dominated and the ways we can do it, click HERE if you missed it the first time around.  However, I do want to reiterate this, absolutely every female should have an opinion on gender equality.

It is our right to be treated equally in the workplace, out on the street and in the privacy of our homes.  It should not be more difficult to work in a particular sector because you are woman, it should not be frowned upon because you choose to have a career over having children and it definitely isn’t ok to objective and sexualise women in any way that makes you uncomfortable.  Where are my fierce ladies at who believe this too!?  Let’s work together to overcome these obstacles.  This journey can only be completed if we continually and constantly support each other.

I know wearing a t-shirt in the grand scheme of things might seem trivial, but I feel wearing it across your chest, is a great way to share your views and support great causes.

Outfit Details: Tee 1 – Love 4 Grenfell (find HERE) | Tee 2 – Peacocks (find HERE) | Jeans – Topshop (find HERE) | Jacket – Stella McCartney (similar HERE) | Belt – Hermes (find HERE & HERE) | Bag – Chanel (similar HERE & HERE) | Shoes – Ego (find HERE on SALE) | Sunglasses – Gucci (find HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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