Don’t know what to wear? Reach for this skirt… Feeling bloated? This is my failsafe… Feeling uninspired? This skirt is always the answer…

The eagle-eyed will have spotted this skirt on the blog on countless occasions. I absolutely love it and it has become my go-to item in my wardrobe no matter the occasion, time of year or mood I’m in.  Don’t know what to wear? Reach for this skirt…  Feeling bloated? This is my failsafe… Feeling uninspired?  This skirt is always the answer…

I absolutely love a midi-skirt and have quite a few in my wardrobe but this is by far the most wearable one I own.  It’s effortless, ideal for any occasion and best of all, ridiculously comfortable. I’ve styled it with just about everything, from trainers and a hoodie, to biker boots with oversized knitwear, to heels and a Balmain blazer. It can be styled with or without tights meaning you can wear it in the height of winter as well.  It’s like a chameleon, it works perfectly with everything regardless of the season.   

As if all of that isn’t good enough it’s a steal at £16.  Plus, the quality is actually good.  This isn’t one of those fast fashion pieces you wash once and rips or falls apart.  I’ve had mine for coming up to 2 years and it’s only now beginning to lose some of its elasticity.  Although after 50 odd washes I don’t think that’s a quality fault, I think it’s a “I’ve-worn-it-too-much” fault! 

It’s also available in a petite version.  I have the petite and regular size (I’m 5’1) and love both lengths on me.  I do find midi skirts can occasionally be unflattering if you’re on the shorter side so if you find that to be a problem, I recommend opting for the petite size. 
If you’re looking for a staple skirt which will effortlessly blend with your style.  I honestly cannot recommend this enough.  It will be the BEST £16 you’ll spend! 

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