As the hype surrounding this collection has now subsided and resale prices have significantly fallen, I wanted to talk about whether it is worth investing in this collection or if it was just a one hit wonder.


It was my birthday on Monday and I thought I’d share my birthday outfit with you guys!  I’ve always struggled with getting older, so birthdays are a little bittersweet for me.  Yes, it is a great excuse for a party but the years seemed to have flown by and I just don’t feel like someone in their late twenties.  To be honest the whole ageing fandango is a bit rubbish!

I kept it pretty low key this year but one silver lining to birthdays is being able to pull out your glad rags and glam yourself up.  Usually my favourite part of a night out is getting ready and that couldn’t be truer than on my dreaded birthday!

You may have seen my Balmaination post (catch it HERE if you haven’t) where I chatted about the pieces I managed to get my hands on that fateful and very stressful launch day.  I mentioned I didn’t get the pieces I really wanted and while I really don’t support those pesky resellers, eBay was the only way I was going to get my holy grail pieces.  As the hype surrounding this collection has now subsided and resale prices have significantly fallen, I wanted to talk about whether it is worth investing in this collection or if it was just a one hit wonder.

Balmaination Balmaination

I had been saving my Balmain x H&M dress especially for my birthday and I felt incredibly glamorous in it, albeit a little self conscious! It is exceptionally short and the crossover/wrap style top half falls open leaving you rather exposed.  The latter didn’t matter so much as I kept my leather jacket firmly on and done up (it is mid January after all!).  I felt amazing in both pieces, very high fashion and like I was wearing an authentic Balmain, rather than a cheaper substitute.

Balmaination Balmaination Balmaination Balmaination

Outfit Details: Jacket – Balmain x H&M (find HERE) | Dress – Balmain x H&M (find HERE) | Shoes – Ginavito Rossi (similar HERE & HERE) | Bag – Fendi (similar HERE)

One thing I can’t stress enough, is how incredible the quality is.  I realise you’ve probably heard that before but I just want to emphasis it even further.  The dress, for example was made in France and is not only a beautiful jacquard silk but the lining is also silk.  The lining is something they could have skimped on quality but it just goes to show the attention to detail.  The leather used for the jacket is buttery soft, much better quality than even my one from Joseph!  The gold buttons are seriously weighty with very intricate embossed detailing.  To be honest the “Balmain x H&M” label is irrelevant because this collection is so much more than just an overhyped collab.  You are getting incredible, high end quality for a tenth of the price of Balmain mainline.  If you are still tempted by a piece from the collection I would seriously recommend treating yourself NOW, while there is still a significant selection available on eBay, Depop or Vestiaire Collective but with heavily reduced resale prices.

To give you idea of the premium I paid for my jacket, it retailed for £199 and I paid £299 on eBay and despite shelling out an additional £100 I have no regrets.  The jacket was one of the more sort after items, so prices are more inflated than some of the pieces.  My silk dress which is less in demand and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could pick that up now for close to RRP.  That pearl jacket on the other hand is still reaching £1000 plus which is just ridiculous!


I’m obviously still obsessed with this collection even 3 months and I love seeing how everyone has styled their Balmaination pieces, so if you’ve done or seen any blogposts featuring any pieces please leave links below.  I would LOVE to see them!

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