Whether it be their full-length gowns, sleeveless tops or dungarees, everything Needle & Thread creates is fashion gold.


Occasionally, there’s a brand that really resonates with me and I become a true fan.  Over the last year, Needle & Thread has become one of those brands.  I adore everything they do and honestly believe every girl needs a piece of Needle & Thread in their wardrobe and these are the reasons why:


Design and Detailing

First and foremost, their designs are simply stunning.  Their founder and creative director Hannah Coffin, has created an aesthetic which is completely unique to her brand.  It is no surprise she’s received instant recognition (Needle & Thread has only been going for 3 brief years) for her expertly imagined lace and floral motifs brought to life through intricate beading and sequined embellishment.


Whether it be their full-length gowns, sleeveless tops or dungarees, everything Needle & Thread creates is fashion gold.


The truth is, any designer or brand can create perfectly embellished designs, just look at some of Valentino’s works of art, but more often than not, the price tag is more than most’s annual mortgage repayments!  Needle & Thread, on the other hand, manages to create their pieces of perfection for an incredibly purse friendly price.


Fully embellished dresses start from £180, bomber jackets from £235 and playsuits from £260.  To be honest, their pricing isn’t much more expensive than high street stores (is it me or are the likes of Topshop getting more and more expensive?!) and it’s definitely in line with the likes of French Connection and Karen Millen.

For this kind of craftsmanship and the level of beadwork and embellishment involved, Needle & Thread is very competitively priced.  Although if you’re currently not feeling all that spendy, I’ve listed about a dozen gorgeous pieces which are currently on SALE below (scroll across with the arrows):

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Be warned sizing is limited on all of these, so if you do see something you love, snap it up very quickly!


Having sung the praises about the amazing pricing already, I guess the next logical question is, what is the quality like?

In a word, excellent!

I’ve had absolutely no issues with my any of my pieces.  I haven’t lost any beads or sequins yet and they feel sufficiently sturdy.  I have no problem jumping on and off the tube in them or being on the go, which is great.  If I have to treat my clothes with care, there’s just no way I’d be able to wear them as I’m always tearing around the place!



I think a lot of people would assume overly embellished pieces like these would be tricky to style and they wouldn’t get sufficient wear from them but I’ve worn all my Needle & Thread pieces religiously.  Even this pinafore dress, which is embellished front to back, is so easy to wear on a day to day basis.

I just throw on a simple shirt, add a pair of flat ankle boot and team it with my fail safe ZARA coat and I’m ready for the day.  Plus it has the amazing added bonus of doubling up as a perfect evening dress.  It’s truly win-win!


You can check out how I styled my Needle & Thread skirt for a daytime look HERE & HERE.

Next on my wish list is a pair of their dungarees and the Supernova tulle mini dress which I think looks like it could be from Dior because it’s that stunning!  It’s black dress in the widget below but I think I’ll probably end up going for it in the nude.

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Outfit details: Dress – Needle & Thread (find HERE for a BARGAIN price but only in very limited sizes, HERE for more sizes & HERE in cream) | Shirt – Kate Moss for Equipment (find HERE on SALE) | Coat – ZARA (find HERE) | Shoes – Miss KG (find HERE on SALE) | Bag – Chanel (similar HERE & HERE) | Rings – London Road Jewellery (find HERE & HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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