Designer Exchange (DEX) is a dress agency with a difference and this is why...

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So I’m officially back up and running now.  Who knew it took 4 weeks to get your phone line installed and another week to get internet connected! Remind me never to move again!

I promised a post on the gem that is DESIGNER EXCHANGE in Knightsbridge and here it finally is…. Better late than never!!

Designer Exchange (DEX) is a dress agency with a difference and this is why:

  1. Any bag DEX purchase from you is paid for immediately with cash! Most agencies are “sale or return”, so there’s no guarantee it will sell and even if it does you can often wait forever and a day to get your half of the money.  Thankfully with DEX once the deal is done, it’s done! (Anything sold to them for over £1000 is paid for by bank transfer.) It is easy as pie!
  2. If the bag is Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton they will give you 60-66% of the final selling price. Other brands such as Givenchy, Mulberry, Prada, etc is 50%. They always have an authenticator on site who can spot a fake a mile off! Ask for Angela or Sabrina and they will be able to give you an instant quote. If you’re not based in London then you can email ( them photos and they’ll get back to give you with a figure.
  3. At point of purchase they always go to the effort to explain how much they’ll sell it for in store and promise not to sell it for more than stated.  It is all very transparent and honest.
  4. Another reason it’s better than most pre-loved stores is they offer an exchange option. If you choose to swap your bag for something in store they’ll give you a credit note with additional 12% of the final DEX sale price.  In my past experience this the best way to go.

My first, and probably best, find was my Boîte Falcon Louis Vuitton Vanity case which was marked at an amazing £750 (they currently have another in store so check it out if you are after one). I actually saw it on their Instagram first and stopped by one evening to take a look at it.  I decided on the spot I had to have it but on the sales assistant’s advice I went home to have a good rummage for bags I no longer used and could potentially exchange. Boy am I glad I did!!!! I exchanged a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote handbag I hadn’t used for more than 18 months and was unlikely to use again. They gave me a credit for £695 for it. I also exchanged a little Prada pink purse I’d never used and forgot I even had! For this they gave me a £60 credit. This meant I could do a straight swap for the vanity case and still have £5 left for my next purchase. I was ecstatic and remained so for at least a month!!  I had managed to get one of my dream pieces for absolutely nothing – zero – zilch – nada!! I hate selling things and a part of me still pines for my old belongings but the truth is this was the best upcyling ever!

I have since been back to buy a brand new Louis Vuitton suit bag (£400 -photo in previous post), an LV Belt (£200) and a Chanel handbag (£750). I included what I paid for them to give you an idea of their pricing.  I’m really happy with them and think they’re all brilliant buys, great value for money given their fab condition.

I have noticed the prices go up over the last few months, as they were underselling a number of pieces for a while (rumour has it they sold a croc Kelly for £2000) but I still think they offer the most competitive pricing of anyone. Also, the customer service is second to none!

They can be found at 5 Egerton Terrace, SW3 2BX. You can follow the on Instagram @webuydesigner, Facebook Designer Exchange and Twitter @webuydesigner. Website is and

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