I know I haven’t written to you in quite some time, probably over 20 years, but it’s been a funny ol’ year and a lot of us are counting on you to bring some cheer and merriment.

Dear Father Christmas,

I know I haven’t written to you in quite some time, probably over 20 years, but its been a funny ol’ year and a lot of us are counting on you to bring some cheer and merriment. 2020 has taught me plenty. Plus, I appreciate my health more than ever, I’ve spent ample quality time with my loved ones and I finally found a stretch of time to finish renovating my house. However, if it’s not asking too much, and not too greedy, I’d really welcome something special under my Christmas tree this year. You know, something that would round off the year with a much-needed bang!

I’m happy to share some pointers. Topaz, Garnets or Moonstones would all be highly appreciated. I’ll take them in any form, a necklace, ring or bracelet. Fortunately, they all appear in London Road’s Pimlico Collection which I’m rather enamoured with. I can’t help but think the playful pink tourmaline and rich red garnets would perfectly compliment my wardrobe.

The Rose Gold Bubble Multi Gem Cuff is a real showstopper but not so much I wouldn’t be comfortable pairing it with jeans and a cosy oversized knit. Alternatively, the Bubble Stacking Rings offer the best of both worlds. They look sweet and playful worn alone or fun and impactful stacked together. Also, it solves the problem of what to buy me next Christmas (and the one after that and the one after that) as they’re available in 4 different coloured stones and it’d be wonderful to have the full set!

Then, there are always diamonds. I know what you’re thinking but diamonds don’t have to be over the top or ridiculously priced. In fact, a dainty diamond I could wear everyday would be spot-on. The Initial Gold Diamond Pendant is really wearable and I like the idea of wearing the initial of a loved one. I suppose it could be “A” for my boyfriend Alex, but “S” for my loveable Chihuahua Simba, would be preferred!

I’d also like to point out, I’m on the nice list this year. I’ve listened and obeyed rules. I’ve stayed home when I was told to, I’ve cooked endless meals and hardly fought with my boyfriend (despite wanting to throttle him sometimes). But, I’ll make it even easier for you with a generous discount code. If you use code TND20 you’ll get 20% off London Road Jewellery site wide. It reduces my favourite Bubble Rings from £295 to £236 and the Diamond Initial Necklace from £225 to £180. Plus, delivery is complimentary. I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents but nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a forever-piece of jewellery. Being appreciated is something we all need, and after a year of sacrifice and turmoil, a sparkly-signifier of appreciation is well-deserved.

Yours faithfully,


The London Road pieces featured in this post include: Long Garnet Tassel Necklace (check it out HERE) | Long Labradorite Tassel Necklace (check it out HERE) | Peridot, Moonstone, Garnet Bubble Pendant Necklace (check it out HERE) | D Initial Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant (check all the letters of the alphabet out HERE) | Rose Gold Bubble Multi Gem Cuff Bangle (check it out HERE) | Rose Gold Garnet Bubble Stacking Ring (check it out HERE) | Rose Gold Moonstone Bubble Stacking Ring (check it out HERE)

Thank you so much for London Road Jewellery for sponsoring this post. These photos were shot during Lockdown 2.0 and it was an absolute delight playing dress up with some of London Road’s stunning pieces. As always, all thoughts, opinions and items on my Christmas Wish List(!) remain wholly my own.

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