Generally if something is new, I absolutely have to give it a go but it isn't always a success, so I figured I'd start sharing my honest thoughts on them before you end up wasting your pennies too!

New In Beauty

Two beauty posts on the trot is definitely unusual on That New Dress but how could I not share some of these beauty newbies which have recently hit store shelves?  Generally if something is new, I absolutely have to give it a go but it isn’t always a success, so I figured I’d start sharing my honest thoughts on them before you end up wasting your pennies too!

New In Beauty

Collection – DeLuxe Lip Lacquer (£4.19)

Rumour has it glossy lips are coming back with a bang!  Collection, my hands down favourite affordable beauty brand, is at the forefront of the trend with their new lip lacquers which are available in six shades.  I have to hand it to them, lacquer is the perfect word to describe this product as it’s pretty thick and gooey and the perfect counterpart to be worn over lipstick.  Although one word of warning if you don’t like sticky glosses this probably isn’t for you.  The Vitamin E is gorgeously nourishing and hydrating, which is such a lovely change from those ultra drying matte lippies I’ve been using for so long.  It seems like I’m SO ready to embrace this new trend!

New In Beauty

Soft & Gentle -0% Aluminium (£2.99)

The new 0% Aluminium range from Soft & Gentle is the UK’s first aluminium-free anti-perspirant deodorant.  It’s free from alcohol, parabens and allergens, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  I have to say this doesn’t offer the absolute maximum sweat protection but it’s worth it not to have your skin absorb all those nasty chemicals, just avoid using if before a sweaty workout!  On a plus note I have the floral version which is such a lovely, sophisticated scent, there are absolutely no signs of overly sweet or artificial tones.

New In Beauty

Weleda – Skin Food (£2.25 – £9.95)

So I’m slightly cheating with this one as it isn’t really a new launch, but it’s a new find for me and I felt I had to share.  All of Weleda’s products are certified all-natural organic and sourced ethically and sustainably.  Now this isn’t really something I enjoy disclosing to so many of you but I suffer from what is attractively called “chicken skin” on the back of my upper arms (it’s basically little rough bumps caused by overly dry skin) .  Skin Food is probably the thickest, most oil heavy body cream I’ve ever used and my skin literally drinks it up till it’s silky smooth.  This stuff really, really works!  The only thing I’m not crazy about is the smell so if I’m using it in the morning I’ll usually apply some sort of lovely smelling lotion over the top.

New In Beauty

Malin + Goetz

The gorgeous and much loved Malin + Goetz has finally hopped over to this side of the pond and opened not one, but two London flagships (and a UK e-commerce site) in June.  Their varied product range has become synonymous with healthy skin and hair.  Oh and by the way some of them have the most gorgeous scents ever, hello Bergamot Body Wash and Peppermint Shampoo.  You’d be mad not to visit and treat yourself to something lovely at either their delectable Monmouth Street, Covent Garden store or the equally gorgeous one on Upper Street, Islington.

New In Beauty

Rapid White – Dissolving Tooth Whitening Strips (£22.99)

Recently I’ve developed a bit of a chip on my shoulder about my teeth and been toying with getting veneers.  One of my biggest bugbears is that they aren’t white enough.  To be fair I’m pretty outdated and still use an old school toothbrush rather than one of those fancy electric toothbrushes but it is on my list of things to get.  In the meantime I’m trying the Rapid White Dissolving Tooth Whitening Strips which claim to whitening your teeth up to 4 shades lighter in just 1 week.  It’s a little fiddly to use at first but definitely effective and I have noticed some slight changes.  I don’t think it’s the answer to my problems but it’s a step in the right direction!

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