In the years that I've been having lash extensions the treatment has developed hugely with different types of lashes and different ways of applying them.  I've pretty much tried them all from cluster lashes to synthetic to mink and Russian.

I’ve had eyelash extensions on and off for 10 years and after a lot of research and a few bad experiences I thought I’d share everything I’ve learned along the way for those who are possibly toying with the idea of trying them out.

Different types of extensions

In the years that I’ve been having lash extensions the treatment has developed hugely with different types of lashes and different ways of applying them.  I’ve pretty much tried them all from cluster lashes to synthetic to mink and Russian.

The first ever lashes I tried were cluster lashes and I found them incredibly uncomfortable, almost torturous!  Although they looked great, they simply weren’t worth discomfort and how scratchy they were.  Perhaps technology has moved on since and they’re better now but I wouldn’t go near them again.

At the moment I’m wearing Russian Volume lashes which is the latest evolution in lash extensions.  These allow for a fuller, more voluminous look, as you’re able to adhere up to 6 lash extensions to 1 of your own eyelashs.  This gives much more impact and thickness and allows for your lashes to look more fanned out.  If you regularly wear falsies or love that more full on look these are probably your best bet.

Classic lashes, whether they be synthetic or mink, are also great but you don’t have the same impact.  With these, you can only apply 1 extension to each of your own lashes so they’re better for those that want something more natural.  If you have quite full lashes already but want to add length this might be the best option for you.  It’s also good for eyelash extensions newbies who are nervous about the finished result.  Plus, these are also slightly more purse friendly, as they take less time and skill to apply.


Essentially the only pro you need to know is, providing you’ve had them done by a good technician, they look absolutely amazing.  They have a way of changing and slimming down your face.  I’m quite low maintenance which is exactly why I have them done.  I don’t like wearing makeup on a daily basis, so this is a perfect way of looking presentable with minimal effort.  I have no problem going out without a trace of makeup on if I’m wearing eyelash extensions.

The other great thing is, you can carry on with your life pretty much as normal wearing them, so if you’re a gym bunny you can still gym or swim.  I’m a contact lens wearer and they don’t bother me.

The Russian Volume lashes particularly are very light so you should get use to wearing them very quickly.


The only lifestyle change you have to make is how you wash your face and the products you use.  Oil will break down the glue used at adhere the lashes, so you need to avoid oil based products.  I still use oil based cleansers and moisturisers as they’re integral to my beauty regime.  However, I just make sure I use the product around my eyes rather than over my eyes.

Also, rubbing your eyes can be a bit tricky, as the root of the lash where the glue is can be scratchy, so you just need to be careful.

This won’t be a con for everyone as there are a lot of people who enjoy the application and find it very relaxing, to the point where they fall asleep.  I, on the other hand, find the initial 2.5-hour application incredibly boring.  Lying still with your eyes closed is almost more than I can bare but it’s worth it for the finished look.

The last thing is they’re a commitment if you want to upkeep them.  Lashes, like the hair on your head, have a cycle and they fall out and regrow which means you need to maintain them with infill sessions every 3-5 weeks.  Not only is this time consuming but financially it can also add up.


I’ve already mentioned you can’t use oil based products on your eyes which means you will need to invest in an oil-free makeup remover.  I’ve tried a few over the years and they’ve mostly all been terrible but finally, I have found a decent one from Mary Kay.  This one successfully manages to remove all your makeup with ease.

Where to go

If you’re London based I cannot recommend Lorraine from Expressions Permanent Makeup enough.  She’s based in Hammersmith and is quite honestly on top of her game when it comes to lash treatments, HD Brows and permanent makeup.

If you like the whole luxury salon aspect then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Lorraine as she does work from home.  However, her skills, pristine and super clean beauty room and reasonable pricing, in my opinion, makes her the absolute best!  Find her website HERE or call her on 07766 432760 (she also answers WhatsApp & texts).

I realise this is a very long post but hopefully, it has everything you need to know about having eyelash extensions.  If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a shout, you can email or find me on any of my social media handles.

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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