I decided to put a few fragrances to the test to find the best violet perfume...

This is probably one of the most specific blogposts I’ve ever written.  However, when I wrote the Deciphering the Language of Scent post (catch it HERE) I received a surprising number of messages and emails about a particular fragrance I featured.  It was the Penhaligon Violetta which was discontinued in 2015.

When I wrote the post I was oblivious to it being discontinued so when I found out I was gutted and it turns out I’m not the only one.  Violetta from Penhaligon seemed to have a cult following.  In terms of violet-based fragrances, it was one of the best out there.

However, I decided to put a few fragrances to the test to find the best violet perfume which is still current.

Annick Goutal – La Violette

I’m starting with my favourite out of the 5 fragrances I tested.  The best way to describe this is very pretty and dusky.  It also has a slight rose undertone.  On the skin, it settles more powdery.  However, it is not a substitute for the Penhaligon one as it’s nowhere near as fruity or sharp.  This is much softer and reminiscent of candied flowers.

Having said that, if you like candied violet and delicate fragrances you’ll love this one.  I’m a huge fan of it!

This is my first Annick Goutal perfume and I was really impressed by it.  The staying power of this fragrance was amazing and lasted all day.  Plus, the bottle is really pretty and feminine.

Price: £78 for 100ml (Shop it HERE)

Demeter Fragrance Library – Violet

One of the things which really surprised me about testing all these fragrances is how different they smelt in the bottles compared to on the skin.  This one from Demeter Fragrances was the biggest surprise of all.  It was MUCH nicer on than in the bottle.

For those that don’t know Demeter Fragrance Library, they specialise in single note scents.  This is pure violet, it has no other middle or base notes.  Although personally, I think it has a fruity undertone rather than a wholly floral one.  The other issue with this is it doesn’t last very well.  After an hour or two it completely disappears.

Price $34 for 100ml (Shop it HERE)

Yardley London – April Violets

The first thing I want to say about this fragrance is it’s really affordable and for this reason, any violet fan should have it in their collection.  It’s a very powdery perfume.  The best way I can describe it is as scented talcum powder but thanks to the blend of mimosa it still has a touch of crispness and freshness to it.

This is a perfume for those that are big fans of violet (like me!) as I can imagine some people will find it quite granny-ish.  It’s nowhere near as complex as the Penhaligon version or as candied or vibrant as some of the other options.

Price £10 for 50ml (Shop it HERE)

House of Intuition – Violet Water

The great thing about this violet water is it’s a multiuse product.  It can be worn as a fragrance, poured into the bath or put in water to use as a floor wash.  According to House of Intuition violet has protective powers and can cleanse unwanted energy.

In the bottle, it smells very potent, almost alcoholic, but on the skin, it’s much subtler.  I would also describe it as a little soapy but by no means horrible.  If it had a little more staying power I would have labelled it as a favourite.

Price £12 (Shop it HERE)

Christiane Celle Calypso – Violette

Out of all the violet fragrances I tested this is the woodiest.  One of the base notes is honey and I can really smell it.  Personally, I’m not a fan of honey in fragrances.  However, if you’re looking for a violet fragrance which is less sweet and candied this is the one to go for.

Out of all the fragrances, I would say this has the most unique and complex scent to it.

Price £34.95 for 100ml (Shop it HERE)

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