As a blogger I am obviously completely self obsessed(!) so I'm doing the well worn blogpost, "25 random facts about me".  It's time to get personal...

25 Random Facts About Me

As a blogger I am obviously completely self obsessed(!) so I’m doing the well worn blogpost, “25 random facts about me”.  It’s time to get personal…

1) I’m born in the most depressing month of the year which is kind of a blessing as it definitely makes my January a bit cheerier.

2) I have 3 degrees, a BA in History of Art and Archaeology, an Msc in Public Policy & finally an LLB in Law.  You can probably tell I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up!

3) A lot of you will know this already but I am a fully fledged crazy dog lady! My Chihuahua Simba is my biggest obsession, mostly because he makes me smile everyday.

4) I’m currently considering having lip fillers.  If you’ve had them done please let me know in the comments below anything and everything about your experience.

5) I absolutely hate growing up and that it happens so bloody fast.  My mum says I’m mentally ageing backwards in a desperate bid to cling onto my youth!

25 Random Facts About Me

6) I’ve never broken a bone in my body – touch wood!

7) I’m 5ft 1 and 1/2. Yes, that half inch is VERY important.

8) My favourite city in the world is London, no surprise there really!

9) My favourite holiday destination is Hua Hin, Thailand and Maui, Hawaii.  Make them top of your to visit list if you haven’t been yet.

10) I consider myself to be an awesome parker, even if it did take four attempts to pass my driving test.

11) I have the biggest sweet tooth.

12) Shoes are always my shopping purchase of choice.  Again, not really a surprise, did you see my recent Bicester Village haul?

13) I love Christmas and still insist on getting a stocking from Father Christmas.

14) If someone cries I always cry too.

15) I have no tattoos and piercings – not even my ears.

25 Random Facts About Me

16) I’m not a morning person and can’t stand people speaking to me, being cheery, touching me, smiling at me or even coming near me before I’ve properly woken up (unless it’s Simba – refer to fact 3).

17) I’m the biggest baby when it comes to anything sad on TV – cue the waterworks.

18) I would love to have a nose job done but I’m too much of a sissy to actually go through with it.

19) I got two detentions while I was at school, one for having a water fight and I had to take all the school bins out.  The second was for missing chapel and I had to write a pointless essay on why it’s important NOT to miss chapel.

20) The craziest thing I’ve done was a skydive in the gorgeous Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

21) I got my first Vogue subscription when I was 8 years old.

22) I am half English, half Chinese.

25 Random Facts About Me

23) I currently have Adele – Hello on constant repeat.

24) I think my right hand is significantly less attractive than my left hand.

25) I believe with an open dialogue and honesty anything can be achieved.

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