a rundown of my 2016 highlights and all the holy grail products I've discovered and just can't get enough of.

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For the last couple of years I’ve always rounded the year off by chatting about my favourite fashion brands, beauty products and precious moments.  In a nutshell, it’s a rundown of my 2016 highlights and all the holy grail products I’ve discovered and just can’t get enough of.

Favourite Makeup Brand…

I have a feeling this could be a controversial choice as people seem to either love or hate Kylie Cosmetics.  I fall firmly into the love category as I’ve really enjoyed using her products, particularly the matte Lip Kits.  I just love the creaminess of the lip pencils and the longevity of the liquid lipsticks.

The only issue I have is how expensive they are to have them sent to the UK as the additional customs and duties end up making them a pretty hefty price for a lip product.  Having said that I still think everyone should own at least one!

Favourite Skincare…

This was a fairly easy one to pick as one skincare brand stood at more than any other and that’s Sunday Riley.  The positive results I’ve seen since using the Good Genes Treatment and Luna Sleeping Night Oil is simply incredible.  I’ve also heard amazing things about their new Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, called Martian.

Pretty much everything they do is expensive but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny!

Good Genes Sunday Riley

Favourite Fashion Label…

Picking my stand out fashion label was also fairly easy, it has to go to the knitwear goddesses, I Love Mr Mittens.  They have brought chunky knitwear firmly into the fashion realm with their gorgeous designs.  My two personal favourites are the knitted bomber and cropped cable sweater.

Brand Love I Love Mr Mittens

There’s a full Brand Love post about them HERE showing you how I style their gorgeous wardrobe must haves.

Favourite Shoe Designer…

I’m a shoe gal through and through.  Shopping for shoes has always been my biggest weakness and I definitely buy too many!  If I had to pick one stand out designer this year it’d be Chiara Ferragni Collection.  What can I say, I just love glittery shoes and no one does them better than her.  I’ve done a full review post HERE chatting about everything you need to know from comfort to sizing.

Chiara Ferragni Collection Review

Favourite Scent…

Sadly, my favourite scent of the year was Diptyque’s limited edition one for Valentines Day which was called Rosaviola which means I can no longer get my hands on it!  Wahhhh!  It’s basically my two favourite floral scents rolled into one.  Anyone who knows me well will know my obsession with anything violet, if it’s scented, tastes or looks like a violet I’m all over it.

If you didn’t get a whiff of this while it was still in the shops, you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was divine.  I’m actually thinking of writing to them begging them to bring it back!

Favourite Purchase…

My favourite purchase of the year has to be something I bought right at the start of the year when I was still living in LA and that’s my vintage Chanel skirt.  It genuinely took my breath away when I first saw it and even now I still can’t believe I own such a special piece.  Even if I never have the opportunity to wear it, I love having it in my wardrobe to admire!

My second favourite purchase this year also came from that same shopping trip and is my vintage Chanel pink tweed jacket. You can read all about where I purchased it and the whole story behind both amazing pieces HERE and HERE.

Bargain of the Year…

I always find this a tricky choice to pick just one sale purchase, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, I love a sale!  After careful consideration this year it’s my Givenchy Pandora Box bag as it’s had so much wear.  I love everything about it from the colour to the size to its stunning structured shape.  You can read a full review about it HERE.


Favourite That New Dress Post…

I’ve been really happy with the direction That New Dress is going and very proud of some of the content that’s been produced.  Some of my favourite posts from 2016 include Everyday LA Look as it was the first post after my blog had a revamp and I had whole renewed energy and a clearer direction as to where I wanted That New Dress to go.  I see this post as the start of a blog I’m now really proud of.

The other post I really loved was Brand Watch: London Road Jewellery as it had a bit more of a lifestyle element to it while still being very fashioned focused.  I hope to create a lot more of these behind the scenes style posts in 2017.

Favourite Moment…

This year has personally been my toughest yet and in all honestly a lot of it wasn’t all that great.  It’s ironic that last year I chose my happiest moment as being when I took the plunge and moved to sunny LA and this year I’m picking moving back to gloomy London as this year’s highlight.  My time in LA was phenomenal but coming home to my friends and family after a year away was also very special.  It’s amazing what you appreciate when your 6500 miles away from home.

Everyday LA Look

Favourite Film…

Compared to last year when I was living in LA and seeing films all the time, I’ve barely seen any this year.  From the few I have seen the ones that have stood out were Me Before You which made me cry like a baby but had such a lasting impact on me.  It’s a real weepy, so make sure you have a full box of tissues with you.  I made the mistake of watching it on a plane with people sitting either side of me and it was embarrassing the amount I blubbered away!

My second choice is a bit of a strange one, so please don’t judge me on my terrible film choices!  I really enjoyed Now You See Me 2 because basically, I love magic!  It’s the perfect sleepy Sunday afternoon film as it’s easy to watch but still packs a punch!

Favourite Song…

The one song I’ve listened to on repeat all year is Love Is On The Radio.  I think the lyrics are so lovely and it’s sung so beautifully.  If you haven’t heard it, then definitely give it a listen!

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