I've had my eye on the Antigona bag for a while now (hello April Wish List), although I wasn't really expecting to see any at Bicester as they're still very much in season.

Givenchy Antigona Fish

Before I jetted off to LA I spent my penultimate day at one of my favourite places, Bicester Village.  It was the final girly time I’d got spend with my mum, so we decided to do what we do best… Shopping! Also, I had heard Givenchy had recently opened a boutique there and I was keen to check it out.

Givenchy Antigona FishGivenchy Antigona Fish

I’ve had my eye on the Antigona bag for a while now (hello April Wish List), although I wasn’t really expecting to see any at Bicester as they’re still very much in season.  However, the stock they had was super impressive.  There were plenty of accessories with the iconic bambi design, holdalls with that gorgeous pink floral print, Nightingale totes, stunning clutch bags and one beautiful Antigona.  I immediately locked eyes with it and fell in love.  It had arrived the day before and they only had two pieces, one in black and and the other in brown.  I loved the black but I have no shortage of black handbags already, so I asked to see the brown.

Givenchy Antigona FishGivenchy Antigona FishGivenchy Antigona Fish

All I can say is it’s a beauty!  It has so many different shades and tones to it, it’s such a special piece.  It falls under an exotic leather and I know there was a little controversy surrounding it when this bag launched which is why I think there were a few pieces left over.  It is made of Pirarucu, which is a fish found in the Amazon basin in South America. I realise that probably surrounds bizarre, but it pretty much feels just like python skin to touch, although it is a tad more delicate.  Also, their skin is a byproduct as they’re a food source so I’m not 100% sure why the controversy.  I think people are often adverse to something new.

Anyway, for me it’s basically LOVE –

Givenchy Antigona FishGivenchy Antigona Fish

For those interested this is the medium size and it’s massive! You can literally fit everything and the kitchen sink in here which is good for me because that’s exactly what I do!

Givenchy Antigona FishGivenchy Antigona Fish

Also, if you’re interested in the how discounted the prices are at Givenchy Bicester are between 30%-50%.  The handbags and more desirable pieces don’t seem to have less than 30% off.  Although they do hold biannual sales to get rid of older stock, so that’s the best to pick up a true bargain.  FYI the Summer sale is currently on now!

Givenchy Antigona Fish Givenchy Antigona Fish

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