Usually on a Sunday all sense of looking groomed and pulled together goes out the window.  Instead it's replaced with comfort and cosiness.


After a relaxing weekend of doing nothing but enjoying time with friends and family in the blissful countryside, I thought I’d reminisce with a post embracing that laid-back, comfy Sunday styling I love so much.  Also, it’s a chance to show you my new furry gilet I just got from Topshop!

Usually on a Sunday all sense of looking groomed and pulled together goes out the window.  Instead it’s replaced with comfort and cosiness.




We all have that pair of jeans we’ve had forever and worn in to perfection, well these are mine and they are a Sunday staple.  These grey skinnies are from Seven For All Mankind and I’ve had them since my Uni days.  With it I chucked on an ol’ top and some worn out Converse (these go even further back – since my school days!) but no matter how old or battered, this is 100% me in my happy Sunday haven.



The gilet is a recent cheeky addition to my wardrobe and purchased as a dupe for a Shrimps one I’ve been eyeing up on NetaPorter for a while.  At a sixth of the price it seemed like a pretty darn good compromise.  It is that perfect shade, somewhere between grey and powder blue.  With the sun beginning to peep its head out between the clouds I know it’ll be getting a lot of wear as the Spring rolls around.

The cream version is currently only available online but if you hurry to one of their stores they should still have the grey in stock (my friend just picked one up in Brighton over the weekend).


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