Not being able to travel internationally has encouraged me to experience different corners of the U.K.  The term “Best of British” has never rung truer.

When I was a wide eyed 18-year-old, fresh out of school, I went on my first UK holiday.  My best friend and I got in my Nissan Figaro and drove (badly – I had only passed my test 4 months prior) from London to Polzeath. We stayed at a campsite called Robbie Loves.  It was full of adventure.  

We laid in open fields counting shooting stars while drinking far too much cider.  I dipped my toe into the freezing Cornish sea for my first (and last) surfing experience.  My friend fell in love with a boy in the next-door tent.  During that week he was “the one”, needless to say she never saw him again but like the whole week there, in the moment, it was blissful.  

It took a decade and a half for me to embark on my second UK vacation.  This time in Oxfordshire, in a beautiful Airbnb rather than a tent, with Champagne instead of cider. My gaggle of girlfriends have been replaced with my partner and dog.  Packets of crisps and soggy sandwiches have been phased out in favour of a Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper.  However, the feeling of carefree delight is exactly the same.

Fortunately, my fashion has also evolved.  Now in my 30s I feel blissfully at ease, so the barely-there miniskirts, face full of makeup and desperation to impress has been replaced with bare feet, unruly hair and contentment.  Touches of fine gold jewellery from London Road accentuated every outfit.  I felt like a bohemian fairy as I wafted around the beautifully kept gardens.

Not being able to travel internationally has encouraged me to experience different corners of the U.K.  The term “Best of British” has never rung truer.  Whether it be the arts and crafts of Gloucestershire, the carefree vibe in Devon or the style and panache of London, there really is something for everyone. 

Of course, the best of British doesn’t just extend to travel.  There’s also a wealth of incredible brands encapsulating our unique and irreplaceable British flair.  The jewellery I’m wearing is designed and crafted by London Road Jewellery in their London based workshop.  Given their 3-generation background and in-depth expertise it’s hardly surprising they’ve built a brand which captures tradition with forward looking design.  For example, they’ve modernised the signet ring.  While it keeps the traditional shape, it has 3 little birthstones inlaid in the middle, meaning you don’t have to have a family crest for it to be personalised.

Their Kew collection takes traditional floral and foliage designs but ensures it is design led.  The Falling Leaves bangle perfectly juxtaposes the highly detailed brushed gold leaves against the high shine bangle it sits on.  This mixing of styles and textures may be subtle but it distinguishes London Road as a seamless bridge between time-honoured tradition and a fresh perspective.  Like the UK itself, it really has something for everyone.        

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