If the Hangisis have been on your wish list too, hopefully, this review will help you decide whether they are for you or not.

The Manolo Blahnik Hangisis have been on my wishlist since the Sex and the City movie came out nearly 10 years ago.  Where has the time gone?!  Despite wanting them for so long there were several reasons why I hadn’t taken the plunge and bought them.  One, they are quite pricey, they retail for around £700-£800.  Two, there are so many different colours, heel heights and styles to choose from I never knew which one to go for.  Finally, they’re such classics, that they became one of those purchases I always put off because I knew I’d always be able to get a hold of them.

When I spotted them on sale in Harrods I knew this was the moment to finally snap a pair up.  If the Hangisis have been on your wish list too, hopefully, this review will help you decide whether they are for you or not.

The amount of different styles, colours and heel heights the Hangisis come in is enough to put your head in a spin.  Heel heights range from flats to 110mm, plus you can special order custom heel heights too.  Over the years they’ve come in every colour under the sun in satin, tweed, patterned, velvet and lace.  If that’s not enough, the crystal buckles also come in a range of different colours or even with pearls.

I have the satin pair in fuchsia with a 70mm heel and the super blingy crystal buckle.


I deliberately went for a lower heel height as I wanted to be able to wear these during the day.  Despite being a glitzy shoe I like them most when they’re dressed down with jeans and a white shirt.  This is exactly how I have tried to style them here, so you can how they look when they’re not worn as an evening shoe.

My only issue with wearing these during the day is I’ve got the very bright and blingly buckle which is much harder to wear during the daytime as it’s just so shiny!  I would always recommend going for the slightly darker, more muted toned buckle as it’s much easier to style across day and night.

Overall these shoes are super versatile.  They can easily be dressed down or up and look great with everything from jeans to dresses, cigarette pants or a skirt.

I sized down half a size which I’ve heard is quite common for these shoes.  If you have a narrow foot you might even need to size down a full size.  For me, although they fit perfectly in length, I found them a touch too tight around the toe box, so they did need a bit of breaking in a bit.  I do have a very wide foot (meep!) so not everyone will find this.


These are a beautifully crafted shoe, you can just tell when holding them in your hand that they ooze quality.  Everything about them is flawless.  I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about the buckle coming off, or losing crystal or a heel breaking.  I truly believe this shoe will last for years and years (as they should at that price!).

The only thing about them is satin is a super fragile material.  If you mark them, it’s not coming off.  If you’re someone that always ruins and marks your shoes, then I recommend going for the tweed, velvet or lace version as they’re much hardier.

Also, I recommend going for a darker colour.  As beautiful as the powder pink, cream and icy blue are, it’s impossible not to stain them.


There’s no doubt these are an expensive pair of shoes.  I was really lucky to get them on sale.  Full price they are £745 and were reduced to £521.50, plus I got an extra 10% off due to it being a 10% weekend at Harrods, so I ended up paying £469.35.  At this price, they are a no brainer!

If you have the chance to pick up a pair on sale, my best advice is to buy them!  Trust me, if you don’t someone else will.  I originally ummm’d and errr’d between getting them in pink or yellow.  I ended up going for the pink but decided a couple of hours later I wanted to the yellow pair too and they’d already sold by the time I went back.  Let that be a lesson!

Given I got mine on sale the selection of colours and styles were VERY limited.  If I came across my perfect pair and I desperately wanted them I would be prepared to pay the full whack for them, as that’s how much I love these shoes.  Yes, they are expensive but they’re also incredibly versatile, comfortable enough to wear during the day and never go out of style.  I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get myself my first pair!

Outfit details: Jeans – 7 For All Mankind (similar HERE on SALE & HERE) | Shirt – Fashion Crossover (find HERE) | Blazer – Stella McCartney (very similar HERE on SALE) | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik (find HERE) | Bag – No. 21 (similar HERE on SALE & HERE) | Jewellery – London Road Jewellery (find HERE & HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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