This Barcelona Bag is my first Loewe purchase so I'm treating it as a guinea pig to see if I will be investing any more of my money into the brand.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve massively fallen in love with Loewe.  J.W Anderson has done a great job giving the label a new lease of life without compromising its old-school integrity.

Originally it was his bags which caught my attention but recently I’ve been falling more in love with the Ready-to-Wear.  This Barcelona Bag is my first Loewe purchase so I’m treating it as a guinea pig to see if I will be investing any more of my money into the brand.

I have the Barcelona bag in taupe/mink with gold hardware in the size medium.


When I was choosing this bag, I was massively torn between this and the Puzzle bag.  The Puzzle had been on my lust list for over a year (see it HERE if you don’t know the one I’m talking about).

If I’m honest, I hadn’t even previously considered the Barcelona bag but there was something about this one which made me switch from the Puzzle and buy this one.  I’m so glad I did.  There’s just something really classic and chic about it.  The colour is absolute perfection.

It’s a great size while still being quite neat and compact.  It’s deceptively deep so you can fit a tonne inside it.  The interior is divided into two spacious compartments with a pocket in between which you can slip receipts or business cards into.  There’s also a back pocket which is perfect for popping your phone into.

The unique closure is also really easy to open and close, which is great when you’re in a rush or your hands are full.

Whatever outfit I pair it with, it just seems to elevate it and give it that air of sophistication.  The really great thing about it is it can worn with absolutely everything from joggers and a biker jacket to leather trousers and a gorgeous blouse, either way, it blends perfectly with any look.

One thing I’ve noticed which I adore about this bag is the lack of hardware.  There’s some on the triangular fastening and just a tiny touch on the strap.  I’m really old school and usually stick to wearing silver OR gold and only very occasionally will I mix metals.  The great thing about this is even though the hardware is gold you can just about get away with wearing it with silver which doubles your chances to wear it.


I’m going to be 100% honest, although I adore this bag I do have a few grievances with it.  Firstly, I have it in the smooth leather and no matter how careful you are it scratches.  If you plan on using this bag day to day, expect it to get scratched and marked.  Usually, I don’t mind a bit of wear and tear but as this is such a chic and sophisticated bag I do think it looks best when it’s absolutely pristine.

I have since found this exact same colour in a grained leather (see it HERE) which would be far more hardwearing so I highly suggest looking at that one if you’re tempted.

Also, the adjustable shoulder strap can be a little temperamental.  I was walking done the street the other day and the strap came completely undone and fell to the ground.  This has happened a couple of times now and in my eyes, shouldn’t happen at all!

However, don’t let these problems deter you too much.  In reality, these issues really aren’t the end of the world and this still one of my favourite bags.  I just like to keep it real with you guys.  After all, we’re talking about spending a pretty penny, so it’s good to know what to expect before you take the plunge.


The price of this bag is in line with most luxury designers such as Prada, Chloe, Saint Laurent, etc.  The medium size retails around £1500-£1700.

If you’re looking for something more compact which you can use for evenings out or lunch-ing and brunch-ing the small size is such a cute option.  Plus, it’s well priced, around £1000-£1100.

Loewe have launched some really beautiful colours this season.  If you’re looking for a versatile bag with a more sophisticated edge to it, I highly recommend this one as a great option.  Check out a few of my absolute favourites HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  This one HERE is preloved and a total bargain, plus it’s the prettiest colour EVER, someone please bag this bargain stat!!

Outfit details: Jacket – Balmain (similar HERE or a more purse friendly version HERE) | Jeans – Topshop (find HERE) | Scarf – Charlotte Simone (find HERE on SALE) | Boots – Balenciaga (similar HERE & HERE) | Bag – Loewe (find HERE & find in the grained leather HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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