I simply adore the overall aesthetic with its clean lines and minimalistic styling.  If you prefer an understated look then this bag is a perfect choice.

Review Givenchy Antigona

I had my eye on a Givenchy Antigona for at least two seasons before I impulsively splurged on one quite unexpectedly during a shopping trip at Bicester Village.  Now that I’ve had it just over a year, I thought I’d do a full review in case anyone is also thinking of treating themselves to this gorgeous bag.

The Antigona comes in 3 sizes; mini, small and medium.  I have the medium in the exotic leather, Pirarucu.  You can see more detailed photos of the bag and read my first impressions HERE.

Review Givenchy Antigona


The first thing to say is this has a very structured shape which personally I’m a big fan of.  I simply adore the overall aesthetic with its clean lines and minimalistic styling.  If you prefer an understated look then this bag is a perfect choice.

I have the largest size available which I find to be quite formal and business like.  If you like the look of the Antigona but want something a little more relaxed I would 100% recommend the smaller sizes.  The mini particularly has a much more casul vibe as it’s easier to throw over your shoulder or even crossbody.  If I could go back in time and change anything it would be the size and these are the reasons why.

Review Givenchy Antigona

Firstly, as I’ve already said the larger size makes it feel much more business like, so I do feel restricted by it sometimes.  Often it’s too formal to wear with my outfit, such as with a pretty dress, or it’s so big that it just overpowers the whole look.  I sometimes feel like I’m carrying a small suitcase around with me!

Secondly, this bag is almost impossible to fill, even if you did successfully manage to stuff it full, it’s super heavy and the handles cut into your hands.  Although the alternative of having it only half full means you end up constantly rooting around for things, as it’s so deep which is equally annoying.

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The third and final thing that is frustrating about the “medium” size is even though it has a shoulder strap this bag is so big that it sits really uncomfortably against your body.  Ultimately you have to carry it with the top handle which can be a bit cumbersome.

Having said all that I do love using this bag for meetings, particularly during the winter season, or when I’m travelling.

Review Givenchy Antigona


The quality is honestly second to none.  I don’t treat my handbags particularly well, they tend to get thrown around and yet I haven’t noticed any wear or tear.  Also, mine is one of their exotics leathers which makes it even more delicate so I’m very impressed there are no scuffs.  The Antigona gets a 10/10 for impeccable quality and craftmanship.

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Review Givenchy Antigona


Pricing, like most handbags, varies depending on the size and type of leather.  This season you’re looking somewhere between £1060 – £3290 (the mini on average is £1060, the small on average is £1300 and the medium on average is £1500).  Yet another reason to go for the smaller sizes is they are that little bit less money.  Given how expensive bags have gotten over the years, Chanel’s prices never fail to shock me, I think the Antigona is a great buy.  It’s a classic style, beautiful quality and makes a statment without being too in your face.  Just make sure you get yourself the mini or small size!

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