If you want something that's a bit different to a handbag or pair of shoes than a Chanel pearl necklace is it.


It’s only a week ago I did my last luxury review post but I thought as Christmas is approaching, you might be putting luxury items on your Christmas list and perhaps these posts could be helpful.

Chanel and pearls go together like sugar and spice and all things nice!  Together they’re an absolute classic.  If you want something that’s a bit different to a handbag or pair of shoes than a Chanel pearl necklace is it.


Chanel has so many variations on the pearl necklace, from different styles, colours and lengths.  The classic designs are usually a simple string of continuous cream pearls with the CC Chanel logo.  I have one of their seasonal pieces which features the classic pearls and pink translucent beads on a gold chain.  There are so many different styles from the more understated to crazy statement pieces.

If you’re looking for one my best advice is to visit your nearest boutique and have a look at their selection.  The collection is often so vast that different stores have different styles, so don’t just rely on looking online.  One word of warning, be prepared to brace yourself for the hefty price tag, prices start from around £1200 upwards.



I didn’t expect to wear these as much as I have.  It’s no exaggeration when I say they go with absolutely everything, whether you’re dressed casual in jeans or glam’d up for a black tie event.  They are the perfect finishing touch to almost every outfit.  I wanted to show just how versatile they, so I’ve styled two very distinct looks in this post.

Recently, I’ve been loving wearing mine as a choker which is a very on-trend way to style them.  You can also wear them long (as shown in my second outfit), double looped or even as a wrap around bracelet.



These are not real pearls, they’re costume jewellery.  So I guess it begs the question why you would spend so much money on something that isn’t real, especially when you can get actual pearls for the same price.  First and foremost, it’s the Chanel branding, we all know us girls are a sucker for a bit of Chanel!


Secondly, the quality is incredible.  As far as faux pearls go these are the best.  I’ve had strings of faux pearls from other brands and none match up to Chanel.  They are weighty, they wear really well and have this gorgeous sheen to them.  I’ve worn mine to death and the fact they still look as good as new is a testament to the quality.  There are no scratches, dinks or fading.



I have to be honest, this necklace is one of the most extravagant things I’ve ever purchased.  I remember feeling sick at the time as I handed my credit card over to pay.  That must have been about 3 and a half years ago and looking back if I divided it by cost per wear I’d probably be in the pennies by now.  So to be fair they have completely redeemed themself.

If you can stomach the exorbitant amount of money then I promise you this is one of the best (fashion) investments you can make.  You’ll never take them off and will be wearing them for the next 30 years and counting.


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