I'm not usually one to go for high street knock offs but occasionally they do it so well you wonder why anyone would spend the extra money on the real thing.  

New Look Lace Dress

This is the only summery dress I’ve bought all season.  Summer has been a late bloomer here in London so pretty dresses have been fairly low down my shopping list.  That being said I think I’ve found the best one on the high street!

Self Portrait DupeSelf Portrait Dupe

This feels like an outfit of dupes.  I’m not usually one to go for high street knock offs but occasionally they do it so well you wonder why anyone would spend the extra money on the real thing.  This dress reminds me of every blogger and fashionistas favourite label, Self-Portrait.  I love this brand; I think the designs are stunning, the price point is reasonable and it always looks incredible on everyone I see.  Yet despite all that I’m yet to splash out on a dress from there, as I worry I’ll end up going to a wedding or event and someone will be wearing the same dress as me!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to be rocking a Self-Portrait number at the moment.

Self Portrait Dupe

When I saw this very sweet lace skater style dress in New Look (of all places) I simply couldn’t resist.  It has the Self-Portrait look but at an incredibly purse friendly price tag (£39.99 – £44.99 depending on whether you go for petite or regular style).  Also, the quality is amazing.  Plus, as if that isn’t good enough you can also throw it in the washing machine, so no hand washing!  Talk about easy peasy!  I’ve never been a huge fan of New Look but this dress has completely converted me.  I think you can see just how happy and giddy this dress makes me in the photos!

New Look Lace DressNew Look Lace Dress

Outfit Details: Dress – New Look (find HERE) | Shoes – Topshop (similar HERE & HERE) | Bag – Chanel (find HERE & HERE) | Necklace (belt worn as a choker) – Chanel (find HERE)

Chanel is bringing back the slingback in a big way and everybody seems to be rocking them.  I do like them but I don’t love them, so there’s no way I’ll be spending the £500+, even if I could get my hands on a pair (they are sold out everywhere)!  I’m not even going to sugarcoat it, this Topshop version is a shameless copy but now that I have these, I can see why the Chanel versions are such a hit.  They have a way of adding a really sophisticated and classy edge to almost any outfit.

New Look Lace DressTopshop Chanel Slingback Dupe

When I was putting this look together I didn’t want it to be “sugary sweet”.  This dress is sufficiently cute and girly on its own and I didn’t want to add any more of that.  Somehow these shoes manage to keep the look feminine but without looking like that of a four year old.  All hail this style of shoe!

There are plenty of good lookalikes on the high street, so if you too don’t want to spend all that money on the real thing, there are a number of fab alternatives.

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Topshop Chanel Slingback DupeTopshop Kiss Me

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