I managed to steal some time from Ania and Rosie's very busy schedule to find out what makes these budding fashion entrepreneurs tick, what's next for Whistle + Bango and what advice they have if you want to start your own business.

Whistle and Bango

Its been a hot minute since I’ve done a blogpost for my Brand Watch series but boy am I back with a goodun’.  Whistle + Bango is a London based jewellery brand specialising in bespoke bangles.  It is the brain child of the lovely Ania and Rosie who’s unique idea of creating bangles which has relatable meaning to the wearer is making serious waves.

Whistle and BangoWhistle and Bango

I have a lot of love for their first ever design, the London Postcode Bangle.  If you’re from London then you’ll know us Londoners are seriously loyal to the area we either live in or identify most with.  In fact the majority of us are basically postcode snobs, so it’s no surprise we’ve been falling head over heels in love with these gorgeous bangles.

Since their initial launch Whistle + Bango have gone from strength to strength and they’ve have expanded beyond their initial London Postcode Bangles into International Postcodes, Alphabet Bangles, Personalised Signature Bangles, screwball bangles, earrings, personalised necklaces and personalised cuffs for men.  All this while still in their 20s and juggling full time jobs; talk about inspirational!  I managed to steal some time from Ania and Rosie’s very busy schedule to find out what makes these budding fashion entrepreneurs tick, what’s next for Whistle + Bango and what advice they have if you want to start your own business.

Whistle and Bango

1) What inspired you to start Whistle + Bango? 
The inspiration came from our love of London and its defining areas and their attributes. We wanted to celebrate the vast differences encapsulated in each postcode. This led to the development and birth of our inaugural Postcode bangle collection. Since then our brand has developed ten fold. Our path is an organic one.
2) What makes you stand out from the crowd?
I would like to think our receptiveness to our customers. We really take on board what the customer wants to see form us and develop those ideas.
3) You both work full time how do you manage it all?
Out sourcing help play a key role at this point. We have the most fantastic jeweler on Bond Street, London. However, all the creative and personal work that is needed, we do after work and on our weekends – we like to keep busy.
4) You’re very young to have your own business, what advice would you give to budding business women?
My advice would be not to be put off by the idea of a huge work load and to tackle each step you need to do as a checklist. I religiously write a to do list every morning and work my way through it. That way, the work load is always under control and manageable.
5) What has been your biggest challenge with the business so far?
At our inception, we were a little bit too slow to the social media game. Catching up has been a challenge.
6) Where do you see the brand in the next 5 – 10 years?
At the moment it is a mainly online business, providing a bespoke service on our high end pieces. I would love to see this concept taken offline, perhaps with shops- each with their own station for personalisation then and there.
7) Who is your ideal customer? Which person would you most like to see wearing your designs?
The young, creative minds of London. We hope that our #GetCreative tag is reaching them and inspiring them to create their own pieces with us.
8) Any sneaky peeks or exclusives you can share with us?
We have some exciting collaborations coming up soon with some fantastically creative minds.
Whistle + Bango
Whistle + Bango are kindly offering a 10% discount on purchases using code THATNEWDRESS10, so if you’re looking to treat yourself or in search of a thoughtful gift I would wholly recommend a gorgeous something from them.  All their pieces are super easy to style and look fabulous with anything and everything!
Whistle and BangoWhistle and Bango

Photos taken by Jessy Papasavva

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