In my "2015 favourites" blogpost I named Sophia Webster my favourite shoe brand of the year and she continues to surprise and delight with gorgeous designs every season that never fail to raise a smile.


A Sophia Webster “brand love” post was always inevitable.  In my “2015 favourites” blogpost (catch it HERE) I named Sophia Webster my favourite shoe brand of the year and she continues to surprise and delight with gorgeous designs every season that never fail to raise a smile.

My unicorn slip ons are my favourite Sophia Websters I own (and the only ones I’ve ever paid full price for).  I’ve worn them to absolute death.  I have my fingers crossed she’ll bring out something very similar soon.  Unicorns and shoes are pretty much my two favourite things rolled into one!

1406Blog4o2Sophia Webster UnicornSophia Webster Unicorn

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I recently added a couple of new pairs to my Sophia Webster collection after a successful trip to their recent sample sale.  I came home with the Coco sequined boots and Bibi butterfly booties.  I have to say I was really impressed with how the sample sale was organised, it was without doubt the least stressful one I’ve ever been too.  About a week before the sale I had to sign up to an hourly time slot on Sophia’s website which meant when I got there, there was no queuing for hours or ridiculous sized crowds.  Prices were pretty good too, around 50-70% off RRP.  It was all surprisingly pleasant!

I wore my Coco sequined boots out to a cocktail party the other day and I got endless compliments.  Plus they are super comfy, so they’re definitely one good buy!


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Sophia’s butterfly designs are probably her most iconic.  I love this Bibi style which features an embroidered butterfly and is a classic design.  It’s bought out every season in various guises, colours or styles.  The next butterfly style on my list is the gorgeous Chiara, which you can check out HERE and makes you look like you can fly!

Sophia Webster UnicornSophia Webster UnicornSophia Webster Unicorn

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These shoes aren’t going to be for everyone as they’re pretty wacky and out there.  However, if you like a shoe that makes a statement you can’t do better than a pair of Sophia Webster’s.  They look fab with any outfit, from one that’s really out there and as vibrant as the shoes or something very simple that allows these shoes to shine.  If you’re feeling tempted to treat yourself there are still some great buys in the summer sales so definitely try and grab a pair for half price while you can!

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Photographs taken by Jessy Papasavva

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